5 Ways To Make A Relationship Last

One of the reasons for avoiding falling in love is the fear of it not lasting. People have become impulsive, even in their relationship. We don’t have patience, we don’t want to wait. A single stretch in the band and we are ready with our bags to leave. We have erased the fact from our minds that a relationship works only when both partners put the same effort. Today, all we notice is how happy we are in a relationship. We don’t think about our partner’s happiness anymore. One of the many ways to make a relationship last longer is to keep each other happy. Unless and until we leave our self-obsession behind, our eyes can never open to the brighter side of relationships. Also, quit beginning a relationship with expectations. Learn to go with the flow. Below are some of the ways to make sure your relationship lasts.

  1. Understanding

Most of the times, we don’t listen to understand, we listen to speak back. That makes our relationship unbearable. No two people are the same. You and your partner would have differences many-a-times. At moments as such, sit with your partner and discuss. Share perspectives. You will surely find a middle path. Relationships aren’t about liking the same things; they’re about loving each other despite the differences. Understanding is the key to all relationships.

  1. Conversation

Don’t try to keep things to yourself. Whenever you feel that something is hurting you, or you have some views about certain things, just talk it out. Nobody can know what and how you feel about things until you speak up. It is no fairyland with a prince charming or fairy-princess who understands everything before you say it. It is real life. Keep the conversation between you and your partner alive. Even if you are too busy, take some time for them and talk. Relationships last when there are no secrets between two people. Open yourself up. It’s the love of your life, they will understand you!

  1. Dates

For most of us going out on a date with our partner is just confined to the beginning of the relationship. Once we settle in, we get busy with other things. But, to keep a relationship alive, and to make it last longer, you need to go out with your partner every once in a while. If you don’t have time, make time. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. It could be just a morning walk or a cup of coffee at their favourite coffee-house or maybe a dinner. Anything can work when the right amount of effort is put into things. Try it out. You’ll see your relationship brightening up in no time.

  1. Let go of the past

We all come with our own baggage. Disloyal partner, troubled relationships and many other things combine to make us what we are today. But once you decide that you want to get into another relationship, you have to let go of the past. You cannot let the bad memories of your past hamper your present. Similarly, you also need to accept your partner with their share of past. Let go of what they had in their past. Don’t trouble them for what they were earlier. Past is past for a reason, let it be there.

  1. Support each other

Like you, your partner must have their own dreams and aspirations. Those might be things that you don’t have first-hand knowledge about, or accepting those might be difficult for you. But don’t put the burden of your prejudices on your partner’s choices. Always support them with their decisions. If something seems harmful to you, discuss it with them. But do not push your decision on them.



Final Words

Relationships are fragile. They make you stronger but can break with one step in the wrong direction. Try to avoid a break-ups. Also, love your partner, in good times and in bad. That is the key to a happy relationship that lasts forever!


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