Amazing Benefits Of Eating Drumsticks

Recently getting acknowledged as a superfood, drumsticks have been a huge part of Indian cuisine for ages. Go to any South Indian village and you’d find their dining tables gleaming with colourful and flavoursome dishes, and I can bet on it that at least one of those dishes would be of drumsticks. All thanks to the culinary explorers all around the world that we have been able to taste flavours like this sitting so far away from India. Moringa, or drumstick that gets its name from the Tamil word “murungai” which means ‘twisted pod’. Moringa is added to Indian dishes like Sambar and some meat curries, but apart from that, you can as well add this vegetable to salads, soups, pickles and some sauces to add a little element of crunch.

Drumstick Regulates Blood Sugar Level

It is not just about the taste, Moringa or drumstick is also very popular for its therapeutic properties. It is known to be beneficial for spiked blood sugar control and also does a great job in enhancing the gall bladder functioning, which in turn lowers blood glucose level.

Not just the fruit, but also the leaves of Moringa are good for diabetes. The leaves secrete ascorbic acid that increases the secretion of insulin in the body, hence, reduces blood sugar.

A research in the Journal Of Clinical Biochemistry And Nutrition reveals an interesting finding of the same. A group of rats was studied to check the effect of Moringa leaves, and the ones that consumed powdered leaves were found to have an enhanced glucose intolerance level than those who didn’t.

Another study with human patients suffering from diabetes was conducted for three months. They were supplied with drumstick leaf supplement, and the blood glucose level in them was checked by the end of every month. These tests showed a continuous decline in the same for each consecutive month.  By the end of three months, these diabetic patients had a significant drop in the blood glucose level.

Develops Digestive Health

Troubled-digestion has been a much embarrassing and painful part of human life in the present times when KFC and McDonald’s have taken up on most of our meals. Even though these are popular as ‘fast-food’, the digestion process for them is actually not so fast.  These foods actually slow down the digestion process and often leave our stomach upset. We might not be able to eliminate these favourites of ours completely, but we can definitely try to get rid of the shameful gas and irregular poop issues.

A teaspoon of fresh drumstick leaf juice, mixed with honey and coconut water every morning can not only deal with these tiny tummy problems but also can treat diseases like cholera, dysentery, colitis, diarrhea and jaundice effectively.

Strengthens Bones

Drumstick or Moringa is a significant source of essential minerals like iron, phosphorous, calcium that strengthens bones in children at their growing age. When added to the diet, Moringa can reinstate bone density in elders and help in curing the symptoms of osteoporosis. The anti-inflammatory properties that drumsticks possess can deal with issues like minor fractures as well as bigger conditions like arthritis.

Fights Infections

A little bit of swelling here and there or an irritation is a sign that your body is trying to fight infection. The anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial property of Moringa has the capability to fight against infections caused by Rhizopus, salmonella ad E-coli.

Nutrients In Moring

Protein: It helps in creating new cells, tissues and muscles.

Vitamin C: It helps strengthening the immune system.

Iron: It catalyses transportation of oxygen-rich blood to all parts of the body.

Riboflavin: It helps in the utilization of energy.

Vitamin A: It keeps the eyes healthy.

Magnesium: It regulates the blood sugars and strengthens bone.

Vitamin B6: It boosts immunity and prevents anaemia.

Concluding Words

Moringa or drumsticks have a lot more positive effects which haven’t even been discovered yet. The more you get into knowing it, the more you’ll fall in love with the vegetable. It is not just nutritious, but also full of taste.

Have you tried it yet?



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