Benefits Of Meditation

It’s a dynamic, ever-evolving world where finding a moment of peace is no less than finding God himself. We have been trained with a hunter of the myth that if we don’t run with the world, we would be left with nothing. Some say that if you are sick for a week, you literally lag behind by two months from the rest of the world. Now, if the whole world is moving so fast, and we are constantly trying to rush along with that, we would obviously fall into moments of stress, distress and traumas. These things are more than normal for the present time. To see closely, it’s not even abnormal to see a kid of some 15 years of age having anxiety attacks. 

What are we supposed to do then? 

Meditation is the answer!

Certainly, we cannot sit back and let the world go far away, but what we can definitely do is ‘steal some moments for self-reconciliation’ from our lives. Trying to match-up with the colours of the world, we have long begun to lose our own tints. Meditation gives us time to get closer to those lost colours of ours. A minute of meditation is equal to half an hour of sleep. It gives the same peace and better. 

You know what the best part of meditation is? There is no such thing as a ‘perfect place’ for meditating; the spot you choose is perfect. Laying back in your cozy arm-chair, travelling by a bus, a moment at the office or a walk down the garden, you can meditate wherever and whenever you wish. All you need to do is to set yourself free from all the jumbled thoughts dwelling in your mind and focus your attention to your inner self. Try it for a minute and you will begin feeling light, calm and peaceful. Meditation for 20 minutes a day results in enhanced physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

Features of Meditation:

  1. Focussed attention: One of the most significant features of meditating is having undiverted attention. Focusing your attention helps you free your mind off the tangled, clumsy thoughts that always dwell in your mind. 
  2. Relaxed, calmed breathing: Meditation significantly requires deep, even-paced breathing. Use your diaphragm muscle to let your lungs expand. This leads to slowing down of your breathing, taking up more oxygen and calming your pulse rate.
  3. A quiet spot: Although, meditation can be done anywhere and anytime but, it’s better for beginners to choose a quiet setting for the initial days. A calm, tranquil spot helps you get rid of distractions and diversions. 
  4. A comfortable posture: Meditation can be done while laying, sitting, walking, anything, but you need to decide upon a position where you are comfortable. A comfortable posture helps bring out the best of the meditation process. 

Benefits of Meditation:

Limiting the benefits of meditation to numbers would be too unfair. Meditation comes with boons that have the capability of changing the whole personality of a person for the better. It can result in the overall well-being of a person-physical, mental and emotional. Let’s see what magic meditation can do-

  1. Reduce stress – Meditation reduces the level of cortisol (hormone inducing stress) in your body. A 2013 review claimed that performing meditation every day can actually result in a reduced stress level in the maximum number of people. Getting your mind off the things that hamper your peace or put you into a state of over-thinking, may that be your workspace, family or love-life can very well be done by practicing some minutes of meditation on a regular basis. You can chant a mantra, sing a song with closed eyes or focus onto a candle-flame; simply find a ‘single’ spot for your focus and watch as the stress level in you vanishes like thin air.
  2. Better concentration – We all suffer from this not-so-painful disease of a distracted mind and diverted focus. We have been given the gift of technology which has made us rather distracted. Who can, after all, deny from the guilt of checking the smartphone every second minute of our lives? Thus, a distraction! Meditation can solve this for you. There have been a number of researches from esteemed Medical Schools like Harvard which claim that there is a direct connection between meditation and processing of information by our brain. More than a theory it is a fact that meditation can train your brain to have focus on one thing at a time. This solves half the problems of modern life, doesn’t it?
  3. Improved self-esteem: It is undoubtedly true that once we gain back our attention into things that are essential in life, we are sure to attain success and, ultimately, a hiked self-esteem. Meditation encourages you to slow down and look deep into your thoughts. This leads to a better examination and analyzation of your thoughts without the stain of judgments and prejudices. People having anxiety issues are especially benefited by mediation as they gain confidence over themselves and hence, their anxiety issues are resolved.
  4. Fight addiction: Regular meditation can literally alter the brain receptors associated with the addiction of drugs, alcohol and other stupefying substances. Like Tolstoy wrote long ago that the use of stupefying objects is linked directly to lowered self esteem, which again is connected to failure in work, which is linked with anxiety, distress, and many more. When the solution to the cause and the cause prior to that is meditation, the successor is as well cured by it. A study in 2018 ( published in Substance Abuse and Rehabilitation) also established that meditation produces a therapeutic effect that helps in regulating the brain’
    s pleasure experiencing the phenomenon, and thus, can help prevent future lapses in people having substance use disorder.
  5. Pain regulation: A number of doctors all around the world prescribe meditation as a part of the pain management plan. A 2020 study suggested that meditation could help reduce pain in people who suffered from post-surgical pain.
  6. No doubt, it is impossible to claim that meditation can give relief from all the pain completely, but it is for sure that meditation helps people make their minds stable and raises hope in them to get control over their pain.
  7. Fights illness: Meditation has also shown positive effects on a number of medical conditions, especially those which might be worsened by stress. Some researchers have suggested that meditation helps in managing symptoms connected with Asthma, Anxiety, Cancer, Depression, Chronic pain, Heart disease, high BP, sleep troubles, and many more. 


While a growing group of scientists believe meditation to be helpful for medical issues, there still lies some hold-backs to that. Yet, the thought of it being helpful may never be completely disregarded. Meditation undoubtedly gives you the strength to fight against illness. 

The bottom line is that life is never going to be easy on you, you might always keep getting mini-heart attacks from tiny accidents, the path to success might always bring hurdles for you, troubles may never leave your back, heart-breaks and failures might always love you too much to let you go, or you might never be able to get rid of fear and pains, but meditating for a few minutes every day will actually help you gain strength to deal with all these thorns in life with a kick-ass smile. 

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