Boost Testosterone Naturally! Home Remedies! Foods To Eat

Testosterone! Etymologically the word traces its origin from the 1930s when it was derived to be made up two words-  testis and sterone; which very much makes it clear that testosterone has some serious connection with men!

Yes, it is the primary male hormone which accounts for the fertility, muscle pile, fat distribution and RBC formation in them.

But, wait!

Testosterone no doubt had much to do with men, but not many people know that even their counterparts, the females; even they produce testosterone.  

The only difference is that more testosterone for a man makes him a dude,  and a drop extra of it in a woman puts her into serious troubles.

That is another issue altogether!  

What we are talking about here is regarding boosting up the testosterone level in men.


Here’s why!

Low testosterone in men causes dysfunction of the body parts, thus, regulated by it. Men may experience problems like reduction in sex drive, erectile dysfunction, lowering of sperm count, loss of body hair, strength loss, etc., and also some serious troubles like infection of testicles, testicular injury and much more.

Now that we know the level of testosterone counts for the ‘manliness’ in men, we need to give special attention to it.

Studies say that complains of lowering of testosterone level to physicians has been touching noticeable heights since 2012.

Note- Lowering of testosterone with age is normal as men’s body tend to experience a drop of it (1.6% every year after the age of 40) gradually, as they grow older.

Supplements and exercises used as a testosterone booster

Sometimes, even our mechanism needs a little ounce of external support in order to regulate its functioning. For men, when this drop occurs, and your body is not able to cope with it naturally, you can rely upon some methods that have actually shown amazing results.

First, we cannot remain astray from the fact for long that medical science has left no grounds left to get solution for every possible health issue in this world.

Ok, not every problem, but yes, most of the medical concerns have got critical attention of medical science to them.

So, we do have supplements and therapies for these problems as well, which includes-

  • Gels- As the name suggests, these are physical applicators often prescribed by doctors to be applied once a day. Some well known gels are AndroGel and Testim.
  • Mouth patches- This is a kind of oral application supplement which is supposed to be stuck to the upper gums just above the incisors. When applied twice a day, the patch releases testosterone continuously into the oral cavity.
  • Skin patches- These are patches, that when worn once a day on the arm or the upper body show amazing results.
  • Implants and Injections- You also have an option of injecting testosterone directly into your blood or implanting it directly as pallets in the soft tissue. This is absorbed by the body slowly and paves its path into your bloodstream.

The market even has an abundance of testosterone pills and medicines, however, these are believed by some experts to be having adverse effects on one’s liver. Yet, some also have got lucky with these.

I personally have tried one named Testogen, and have noticed remarkably positive results. Not only did it boost my testosterone level, but also I could feel my moods regulated and my days all energized.

For more detail, on Testogen you can look up on –

Well, there is always another side to every story. Here is a list of natural equivalents to these gels, patches, pills, and injections that have shown slow but lasting effect on testosterone boost.


Studies have shown that regular exercise has a significant effect in regulating one’s testosterone level.

Sprint- A study of a short but intense(6 second) sprint showed that the testosterone level of the person performing it boosted up to a good level and lodged itself to it, even after the workout.

Weight lifting- Lifting heavy weights have given positive results to testosterone levels as per some renowned weight trainers.

Long rest periods- Generally we consider the basic rest period amidst our workout reps to be 20-30 seconds. But some scientists state that rather than having a short rest period, if one extends it to 120 to 130 seconds, the effect on testosterone is notably efficacious.

Considering these fundamental if one considers working out on a regular basis the testosterone level remains fair and balanced.

  • Curtail in stress and Cortisol

A stressed mind induces a stressed physique, which further increases the level of cortisol and this unnatural and uneven elevation in cortisol level can inversely affect the testosterone level, thus, reducing it.

Cortisol is a steroid hormone that accounts for the regulation of many processes in human body, including  immune response and metabolism.

Cortisol elevation and testosterone secretion contrariwise each other and so is with stress.

Oh sleep! Yes. Studies have also stated that reduction of sleep of one hour, that is, just 5 hours of sleep results in 15% deduction on testosterone level.

So, have a good diet, a sound sleep and a joyful life and you are good to go.

Lowered stress = lowered cortisol= Happy testosterone!

  • Fat, proteins and carbs? Yes, yes!

Diet is one of the most important factors regarding our physical well being.

For our testosterone regulation as well, an apt diet is a must!

There has been a misconception since long that high protein intake and low carb diet are an effective way to boost testosterone level. However, this idea has been discarded by many researchers, altering it completely and rather concluding that, men who have a high protein and low carb diet actually have a lower testosterone level than those with the reciprocal of it. Thus, carbohydrate has a better and effective impact on testosterone than protein. So when you are planning a diet, especially your testosterone level, focus rather on cabs than on protein.

A high-carb diet also reduces cortisol which,  obviously is the last thing anyone would ask for.

A protein-carb requirement for hormonal health is a general notion. This is pretty acceptable!

But fat per se seems a bit weird when talking of ‘health’.

However, researchers have proven that sufficient and regulated fat is also a booster for testosterone.

A study was conducted with 12 men, all being regular with exercising. The result that came up proved well that fat can actually act as a natural steroid for testosterone boosting. After a course of 17 days, these men having a fat+ diet reflected elevated levels of testosterone levels; much higher than the levels they had before this experiment.  

  • Vitamin D

Research by Clinical Endocrinology department in 2012 reflected that subjects with boosted(optimal) level of testosterone, on average had 15% more of  Vitamin D than those with its suboptimal level.

Another study of 2011 reflected that a supplement of 33321U of vitamin D on regular basis showed a boost in the testosterone level in men who earlier complained about having low level of it.  

Some evidence also suggests a possible role for vitamin D in the regulation of sexual function. In particular, recent clinical works have suggested that low vitamin D levels may somehow be associated with the occurrence of sexual disturbances, especially erectile dysfunction” reads a report by International Journal of Endocrinology
Volume 2018.

Also, it has been a notable fact since long that highly active people (athletes and military personnel) use Vitamin D to regulate their lowered testosterone level.

Natural Testosterone booster foods

Here’s a list of food, that we come across on a daily basis, which we might have considered beneficial for several health related matters, but have never looked upon as testosterone boosting agents.

    • Ginger- Ginger has been in our natural medicine basket for long. As a cure for common cold and cough, and often for headache treatment, ginger had always been a one-hand- away agent. What is interesting is that modern studies have established that its root is beneficial for testosterone regulation as well. A research of 2012 has concluded that a supplement of ginger to everyday food habit for an interval of 3 months leads to an induction of 17.7% more testosterone in a male using it than a normal one. Plus, it aids sperm count and sperm health in specific ways.
    • Pomegranates- Being well known for its antioxidant property and its feature of a stress reliever and a supporter of heart health, pomegranate also is a symbol of sexual function and fertility. A 14 days study was made in 2012 with both men and women having an intake of pure pomegranate juice, and by the end of it they reflected a 24% increase in testosterone level. Plus, they also reported an improvement in their temperament and blood pressure.
    • Green leafy vegetables: A study of 2011 showed that an intake of magnesium supplements for a month boosted the testosterone levels of the active participants. Veggies like spinach, kale, and swiss chard are copious in magnesium presence. Hence, are effective natural testosterone boosters. Some other dietary foods with an abundance of magnesium include whole grains, nuts and seeds, and beans and lentils.
    • Olive oil: The Leydig cells that produce testosterone do that out of cholesterol. A diet rich in olive oil aids the cells in absorbing more cholesterol. The more the cells absorb cholesterol the more is the amount of testosterone produced. Thus, many athletes mark olive oil consumption to their daily diet in order to optimize their testosterone production. “testosterone concentration directly correlated with cholesterol levels”, conclude Graciela E. Hurtado de Catalfo, María J. T. de Alaniz and Carlos Alberto Marra, and we may undoubtedly add to this that olive oil consumption supplements cholesterol level, and thus, testosterone.                                                                                                Source- I have made it a habit, frankly, since a year now to have some amount of extra virgin olive oil with my daily diet and this particular item speaks much of my own satisfaction by the use of it.
    • Onions- Apart from all medicinal features that onions have, testosterone boosting is yet another significant one. The mechanism that accounts for this is that it increases the formation of luteinizing hormones, boosting the anti-oxidant effect and thus boosting testosterone. “It is worth mentioning that Okinawans, the longest-living people out of any state or country in the world according to the World Health Organization reports, were found to consume habitually considerable amounts of certain vegetables including onions. Besides, surprisingly, serum testosterone was found to be higher in Okinawan men compared, for examples, with the age-matched Americans. This could be an evidence that onions may have a potential impact on general health in men”, says Saleem Ali Banihani.
    • Fish oil/ Fatty Fish- Not many researches have been made regarding fish oil and its effects on testosterone. However, one article, or, a Biochemistry and Biochemical report got promising evidences. EPA which is a kind of omega 3 fatty acid functions for testosterone metabolism. Also supplication of fish oil led to boost in testicular testosterone and the effect was found to be long lasting. The theory here is that the tissue around testicular area require certain lipids for proper functioning. Fats are significant for building up hormones and other essentials of human body. Hence, this report marked that men consuming omega 3 by diet or through fish oil tend to have a better testosterone metabolism than the others. Fish that contain omega 3 fatty acid are herring, salmon, Atlantic mackerel, trout and sardines.
    • Oysters-Oysters are rich in zinc which is significant for reproductive function and sperm health. Hypogonadism is what men with low zinc have to suffer through, where a man’s testosterone production decreases. This leads further to infertility and impotence. Hence, oysters are prescribed by physicians to men having complains about low testosterone. Apart from these, some basic facts remain equally significant and unalterable, i.e., a healthy sex life, an alcohol and drug-free physique and a stress-free and jolly psyche are all that you need to keep your testosterone level boosted!

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