Children Learning Reading Review-The Pro’s and Con’s

If being in this profession has got us all something in common, it’s the knowledge of how reading is an amazing instrument that can broaden the horizons of one’s spatial and cognitive thinking.  

And this fact is especially true for the younger minds who are just experiencing the beautiful merits of learning how to read.

Reading is an extremely important skill that kids need to learn from a very early age. Whether it’s learning from books, magazines or their school’s blackboard, reading skills are a must for every sphere of life.

So, when our colleague Gina asked us what program we’d recommend to her to aid her daughter Stacy with her reading skills. We immediately thought of Jim Yang and his extremely popular Children Learning Reading program.  

A lot of our regular customers talk about how amazing this program is. Almost all of us had this in the back of our minds to someday review this whole thing. Gina’s query just catalysed this very process. And when Stacy took up Jim’s program, the results truly astounded us.

So, here we are today, giving voice to Gina’s experience (more like Stacy’s) with this fantastic learning program.

Children Learning Reading: A Brief Overview.

Jim’s program is a very comprehensive step-by-step scheme that can significantly boost a child’s reading ability in a matter of days.

Unlike other learning techniques, the Children Learning Reading uses phonics and phonemic teaching, that made Stacy a fluent reader in just 12 weeks.

The program scheme is divided into 2 categories, which are further broken down into 50 short lessons. These lessons began by initially allowing Stacy to understand letters, then moving on to phrases, sentences and finally rhymes and stories.

The Department of education of the Oxford University states that, the first 7 years of a child’s development phase is the most crucial, with the 2 to 3 years age group being the peak for reading functions. And this is precisely what Jim’s program targets.

By the help of PDFs, audios, and videos, the reading and learning process was made extremely easy for Stacy. And with just a few minutes of reading every day, she started picking up nursery rhymes and fairy tale stories effortlessly.

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How Does This Program Work?

Some critics might think of Jim’s program as a Children Learning Reading Scam, but they cannot be more wrong. As it utilizes the scientifically proven methods of phonics and phonemes to help your child read quickly and fluently.

  • Phonics.

Phonics is the primary technique that improves a child’s reading ability. It helped Stacy understand the relationship that one alphabet has with another, and how different they sound when pronounced individually or in a word.

Phonics go a long way in improving speech as well. As being able to differentiate alphabets and the associated vowels your child will soon be able to recognize words through their sound and soon be able to speak them quickly and confidently.  

  • Phonemes.

The smallest unit of sound is called a phoneme, which when combined together makes a word that creates meaning. And even though the English language has 26 alphabets, it has 44 Phonemes and over 1700 ways of combining and pronouncing them.

Phoneme and Phonics represent the core of the written and spoken word, and once Stacy began to understand them, it became very easy for her to map and speak words confidently. And with enough practice, she started picking up new words instantly and without much trouble.

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What Makes The Children Learning Reading Review a Class Apart from other Programs?

Well, here are some advantages that Jim’s program holds over other standard educational schemes.

  • Easy to Approach.

Gina had initially feared that Stacy might just be too young to pick up the books. But one of the advantages of this program is how the author provides everything in the curriculum and leaves nothing to guesswork.

From step-by-step reading skill classes to providing audio clips to improve pronunciation, this program has it all.

  • Each Lesson is Short and Engaging.

As was the case with Stacy, children around 2 to 3 years do not love to read at all. But the lessons in this program are specifically catered to attract the young minds by being short and engaging.

And the lessons are tried and tested by Jim himself. He used these lessons to teach reading skills to a lot of kids and with great success.

  • A very Pocket-Friendly Option.

Gina often tells me how this was one of the best investments she has ever made for Stacy. And compared to other education programs, this indeed is a real steal. As with all the audiobooks, PDFs and video lessons, one might feel that this program would come close to a $100, but that’s not the case. Even its premium package costs less than $85.

Is the Children Learning Reading program for everyone or is it a scam?

Not everything can be perfect especially when it comes to children’s educational programs, so here are a few areas of the Children Learning Reading that a few parents might find disadvantageous.

  • May not be the Optimal Choice for extremely busy parents.

Jim’s course needs some effort from the parents’ side as well, and not just the kids. So, if you have a hectic professional life and often leave your kids in the care of a nanny, then being able to spare 15-20 minutes for each lesson can be very difficult indeed.

  • Program Results may vary from child to child.

The age when a kid first starts reading can dramatically differ from child to child. So, when starting the program if you have a lot of expectations with the time frame about when your child should achieve what, then some aspects of this program might seem inconvenient to you.

  • Most of the Course is Online.

Apart from some physical books most of the program is online. So, if you are not too technology savvy or live in a place with poor internet connection, then the Children Learning Reading course is not for you.

Buyer’s Guide

By now, you must know the importance of the Children Learning Reading program. But if you are still not sure about investing in a learning program for your child, consider these following factors.

  1. Proven Reliability

You may be apprehensive about the authenticity of this program. So, it is better to go through a few testimonials and reviews that indicate its proven ability to improve the reading skills of children. And after reading and watching each testimony, you will be confident enough to purchase this reading program for your child.

  1. Parent-friendly

Every learning program designed for children should be parent-friendly. This helps parents who lack computer knowledge or teaching skills teach their children how to read easily. And the Children Learning Reading keeps this in mind so that you can aid your little one in learning reading, even without knowing about phonics and phonemes.

  1. Additional Benefits

We all look for additional benefits and features in the products we invest in. And this program comes with a collection of MP3 audio lessons to help your child pronounce words correctly. It also includes a Children’s Favorite Nursery Rhyme Book, containing 35 nursery rhymes. These add-ons definitely make it a value for money product.

  1. Age Requirement

The best age to introduce your child to the learning process is when he or she is two years old. And Jim Yang’s learning program primarily targets the age group of 2 to 3 years since it is a peak learning period for kids. So, it is the perfect choice for toddlers and busy parents.


Why is learning to read important?

Reading helps in developing a child’s mind and language skills. So, teaching your child how to read will enhance his or her ability to understand words. And not just this, but it also helps your little one learn to listen.

How do children learn to read?

You can teach your child how to read by helping him, or her recognize spoken sounds represented by the alphabet or word. This may take some time, but your child will soon be able to match known spoken words to the written text. In fact, learning programs like the “Children Learning Reading” also aid your child in learning to read using techniques like phonics and phonemes.

By what age should a child read fluently?

Most children learn to read fluently by 6 to 7 years of age. But some children can also learn to read early, between the age of 4 and 5.

Does phonics work for every child?

As per research, phonics prove to be the most effective and systematic method of teaching a child to read. This also helps children to be independent and confident readers.

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If implemented correctly, Jim’s Children Learning Reading can hands down be the best learning program for your child. There are a lot of child educational programs in the market, but not many can compete with Jim’s success rate in helping parents teach reading skills to their children.


  • The lessons are very easy to follow, and contains every steps in the curriculum.
  • Short engaging lessons which your child will absolutely love.
  • Affordable and pocket-friendly program for parents of all demographic.
  • Uses the scientific accuracy of phonics and phonemes.


  • Courses are primarily online and may not be accessible to some.
  • Needs the parents’ engagement as well as the child’s.

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  1. Can you tell me the difference between Jim’s thrall and 4 weeks to read?

  2. Eva van Loucks says:

    How do I get the part of the program, that is for a boy, who is a little behind in reading? He is in 4th grade.
    It might be wise to start with 3rd grade and build up.
    This approach may build his confidence fairly fast, so that he can soon start the 4th grade and be at grade level.

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