Dating Tips For Finding The Right Partner

Relationships are really complicated nowadays. Speed, pace, rush, thrill, all of these have become a significant part of our lives. When these were primarily thought to be hooked just with the career-perspective of the generation, these ended up becoming the canopies of people’s dating lives as well. Gone are the days when ‘true love’ and ‘soulmate’’ and concepts like these were considered to be true. It is a generation that chooses love over digital, 100 times filtered photographs, and eventually their relationships as well turn into no better than filtered-love stories. 

Is it so tough then…to find love in this generation? Is it impossible to find the right partner? 

It is difficult, for sure, but not impossible. 

Even after having a life driven by dating apps and social media there still is a hope that runs the universe..hope of finding love. They say, if you hope for something with all your heart, you do find it. The same goes with love! Look for the right things, avoid modern-day prejudices and you are sure to find your life partner. 

How would you like it if we say we already found ours and we are going to share a set of personalized tips to help you find your ‘soulmate’ too?

The very idea of being in a relationship and actually being in a relationship are two very different things which we often end up considering equal. Relationships demand commitment and commitment is one of the most dependable pillars of a healthy relationship. Before you even go out looking for a partner for yourself, make sure you are ready to be dead-serious about this whole commitment thing, only then can you get the right partner.

What are the pillars of a healthy relationship?

  1. Trust
  2. Mutual Respect
  3. Honesty
  4. Good communication
  5. Understanding
  6. Fairness
  7. Support 

If you are in search of the right partner, see if you feel these features to be vibing of them. Also, make sure you are yourself willing to be equally contributing the same to this ‘expected relationship’. 

Now, let’s see what all to keep in mind while dating in order to find that ‘perfect match’ of yours. 

Before you begin with it, clear off your mind of the idea that love has to be perfect. When looking out for true love, let go of what looks right, what you think should be right or what your close ones, friends and relatives bring to this idea of right. Just look into your own consciousness and ask yourself: Does it feel right?

You will get your answer!

Dating Tips For Finding The Right Partner

1. Don’t search for love

Do not make this “quest” for love the ultimate core and center of your life. Always remember, if it’s in your destiny, your partner will find you. Live your life the way you do, focus on your career and yourself, keep yourself happy and keep your heart open for the right person to enter. 

If you are satisfied and happy in your own ways, then it creates a balance in your own life, creating the perfect space for your love-life, and a perfect harmony is automatically formed as love enters your life. 

Keep living your life to the fullest and let love find you!

2. Don’t rely on first impressions

Always remember that even though first impressions last the longest, these are not the ones you should rely on. A single date cannot decide on whether this person is your soulmate or not. You need to spend time with each other more, explore each other’s lives, interests and values and then decide if you can commit for a lifetime. 

We don’t know if love, at first sight, is ever possible, but what we do know is that you cannot rely on someone based on a single meeting, especially when it comes to internet dating.

3. Build a genuine connection

First things first, be fully present at the moment as you go on a date. It is very obvious to be nervous and anxious on a date and it’s natural that your mind would be bubbling up with thoughts. Often, the prejudices from a past relationship also run parallel with these thoughts. Make sure your mind is clear on these congestions. 

Be present in the moment with this date of yours. Focus on what they are saying rather than getting indulged in your own thoughts. 

Be curious about them, ask them questions about their life, childhood, feelings, etc. This will bring you out before them as an attractive person. Dates are about knowing each other. When on a date, do not self promote, rather focus on knowing the other person well. This is really good for a long run. Also, be genuine. Do not show interest for the sake of showing interest. Do not pretend. Be genuine and everything would automatically begin to fall into the right places.

4. Have fun, literally!

Smartphones are the biggest game spoilers: always remember this. While on a date, do not keep peeking into your smartphone every other minute. This very habit of some people has proven to be a deal raider for them. The more connected you are ‘online’ at that very moment the lesser you are connected to your partner offline. If you wish to find the right partner for you through dating, you need to enjoy the moment. You need to get involved with them with interactions and discussions and literally have fun!

How tough is it to be present at your own date, after all?

Yet another side to the same coin is the fact that you need to have fun in your personal space as well, rather than literally going out on social media and stuff looking for a relationship (like we said earlier). Just go on living your own life, visit happening places and spaces of your interest and you can easily find someone with a like-interest-mind system.

5. Trust your instincts

Your heart or even your mind can be wrong but your instincts would never lie to you. However much you have begun to like the other person, do not be blindfolded while moving into a commitment. Keep your eyes open to the ‘red signals’. There would be a number of phases in your dating period when your instincts would give you hints if something is not correct. 

No two people can be completely the same, and that might create problems in the future. We might feel highly attracted to someone in the beginning of a relationship and also might ignore little signals that come up every now and then that indicate that this very pursuit is not going to reach its destination. Always, and remember, always believe in what your instincts tell you. 

Moving into a relationship ignoring these red signals would lead you to a separation in some part of your commitment-journey, so better be precautious! 

Above and after all of these tips, look for someone who motivates you to become a better person. Someone who understands your dream from the very beginning and keeps supporting you on the same. A relationship is more than just falling in love. It’s about inspiring each other every single day to bloom into better versions of ourselves. 

Theories are one thing and practicality is other. We have listed down tips based on our own experiences which would definitely be of your help if you keep them in mind. But, again, do not run completely on theories. Experiences vary from person to person. Keep your eyes open to new experiences and keep wishing for love to find you someday. Just have faith, it will, and when it does, it’ll be FOREVER. 


Happy Dating! 


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