Gaming Jobs Online Review- Can You Earn Easy $$$ A Year?

“Gaming Jobs Online is a scam!”, screamed the shepherd boy.

“Well, not so fast”, said Daniel – who tried it out and says it’s okay, if a little gamey. Pun intended.

Gaming Jobs Online Review

Gaming Jobs Online is a website that claims that you can earn $39,000 a year just by playing video games.

If that already sounds like a pop-up ad on a really questionable site for you, we have to say that you are not gullible and we’ll commend you for being internet wise.

But we had the liberty to act stupid and we found something actually not so scam-y after all. Although we will not advise for you to leave your intuitions because there are many scams online disguised like this website.

Yes, we discovered it after having the liberty to be dumb and giving some valuable information to some sketchy site on the internet (all for the sake of bringing out genuine reviews for our valuable readers).

So, don’t try this with any good ol’ scam site now. We are only vouching for Gaming Jobs Online here. Well at least in some aspects.

Let’s Talk Money

The site mentions all the payment and perks on the first page. But to reiterate, you get paid $5 to $75 for filling out each survey forms, up to $150 an hour for participating in a focus group, $4 to $25 dollars to preview trailers and up to $30 an hour for trying out new games.

They also pay in terms of perks and products like free copies of games and gaming accessories.

But, like we mentioned, you can easily check all of this out on their site. What you really need to know if any of the claims are true? With a little ifs and buts, we’d say most of them are.

The main catch is that they charge $1 dollar for the first 7 days and $27 for every month afterward.

If you trust this site and hand over your credit card details, it actually works; although a little less than the claims. What we instead appreciate the most is that the pay is clear and transparent, even if the claims are flimsy.

So, for surveys – depending on the length – we got paid about $4.66 for a short one and about $12 one for a 40 question survey.gaming jobs online guide

We didn’t get the payment right away but a week later with an invoice of our work in an email.

You see, we are no internet goon trying to sell sketchy sites. What we do instead is try these weird claims out and put them at the judgment and somehow to our surprise, didn’t fail us.

Many people think that testing out video games is a fun job where you play video games and you get paid. But most gaming enthusiasts know that isn’t case.

Testing video games can mean that you have to exercise all dialogue options or have to hit the character into a tree, again and again, to test if there is any glitch. Hence, video game testing is tedious and hard work. That’s why the pay is justified.

Yes, it’s lower than most professional testers – regardless of what the site claims. But then you are a volunteer tester on the internet, not an employee at EA or Bethesda; even though Bethesda can use some better testers.

Unlike their claims, you rarely get big triple-A titles to test out. Most big studios have their own array of testers to test games out. What we mostly got was low-mid budget games with mostly indie developers.

We can understand the sentiment of naming big studios and triple-A titles on their webpage. It attracts people who don’t really know what video game testing is and want to play video games for money.

But anyone who has the slightest idea of how video game studios work knows that it doesn’t work that way.

In our opinion, the site makes bigger claims to attract naive people but actually provides consistent jobs. So we don’t think it’s a scam overall.

The entry fee is a wall of trust that you have to lunge. According to us, it makes sense that they charge that fee. But we think a freelance profile model will work better – even though the kind of people who get attracted are kids and not professionals.

Weighing it out!

Even though the site seems sketchy at first sight, the overall system is quite functional and helpful under the hood. We got paid weekly for the work and even got to unsubscribe from the program just after a month after we decided to quit it. Most of the sites like these are scams but is very reliable and consistent when it comes to making timely payments.

However, in our opinion, a reliable service like this doesn’t need a sign-up system which requires credit card information from the users. This site has job offers that work in a very modular fashion. It should be open and free regardless of the arguments provided by the website. Even the advertising seems delusional at first glance because it seems to pay for playing just triple-A titles for free.

Gaming Jobs Online Buyer’s Guide – Things To Consider Before Enrolling For The Job

Before taking any career decision, it’s smart to do the necessary background research and be familiar with the key factors determining the authenticity of the job. We’ve added this brief guide to walk you through the fundamentals to cross-check before investing your time, skills, and energy into it.

  1. Workload

Game testing is a legitimate career opportunity now. So, before you devote your time and energy into it, it’s essential to assess whether the workload is sufficient or not. However, this website promises a good consistency in workload, keeping the testers busy with projects.

  1. Learning Scope

Time is money – We, at least, cannot imagine keeping ourselves busy with something that doesn’t help us gain experience that pays off later. If you’re planning to continue this job, make sure that the website is offering you high versatility and scope of learning through its projects. Luckily, the work is divided into various categories like video reviews, online surveys, and so on for an extensive learning experience.

  1. Joining Fees (Yes or No?)

We wish everything could be for free, but the world isn’t all rainbows and strawberry cupcakes. In many online job opportunities, you’re required to pay a massive joining fee. Nevertheless, here you can start by paying $1 with a 100% money-back guarantee, which sounds very reasonable.

  1. Payment Guarantee

Yes, getting scammed on the web is nothing new. But in the case of Gaming Jobs Online, the testimonials are mostly very positive. Multiple beta testers have claimed that they’ve been paid handsomely, and that the website also transfers money through reliable banking methods.


When it comes to websites as controversial as this, it’s understandable to have questions. We’ve added a brief FAQ section below; let’s hope that helps!

Why would any company pay me to beta test their games?

This billion-dollar industry is very serious when it comes to quality control. The brands must ensure that their games are 100% bug-free, which otherwise leads to refund demands from the customers. That’s when third-party freelancers come into the picture; you’re paid to thoroughly ensure that the games run perfectly.

How much will I get paid to beta test the video games?

It’s hard to tell accurately, but the website contains a calculator that shows an estimate of the amount you can earn by reviewing the video games. Nevertheless, a 2008 GD Magazine report claimed that game testers/reviewers could easily earn more than $36,000 per year, so there’s that. If you hold good experience, you can easily make over $43,000 annually.

What kind of games am I most likely to get to test?

You never know what kind of games you get to review, provided that you’re given the exclusive pre-launch beta experience. However, it mostly revolves around action, adventure, sports, and other general gaming genres. How different would it be, anyway?

With that, we hope this guide was helpful and we wish you well on your endeavours. You can also check some of our recent posts here.

  • Price
  • User-Friendly
  • Refundable
  • Effectiveness

Final Words


All in all, I have no major complaints about the site. If you are willing to share your credit card information with a third-party site, can offer you reliable testing jobs which pay on a weekly/monthly basis.

But for the money, you shouldn’t expect that the job will be easy. It is a tedious and hard job to test out video games. And no employer will pay you big bucks for just playing triple-A titles.

Unlike the advertisements and the promotions, most of the games are indie or small budget games and require you to rigorously test it for discovering glitches and game-breaking mechanics.


  • Reliable payment system with a consistent workload.
  • Easy to unsubscribe from the job and refundable sign-up system.
  • The customer service is functional and an easy online email system is available for queries.


  • The pay for service system seems redundant and sketchy at first sight.

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