Love is not an easy thing to find. Lucky are those who have already found the love of their life, the soul mate, the Romeo to their Juliet and vice versa. Sometimes it even takes years beyond the most expected age of finding a partner. Have you heard of a couple who get together at their 50s and live their lives happily ever after? Yes, it does happen. That’s why they have this old saying, ‘love knows no age boundaries!’ After years of searching, you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, and an unfortunate incident throws you away from them (physically), would you give up on that relationship? We don’t think so.

What we believe is, you’ll try your best to keep this long-distance relationship of yours alive, won’t you? But relationships like this come with many difficulties. Not being able to see each other as frequently brings many clouds of misunderstanding. What you need to do is rather simple. Follow this article to know how you can make this long-distance relationship work. Also, keep in mind that these rules should be followed by both the partners to make things work.

Many couples come into a situation, at least once in a lifetime that they have to stay separated from each other. For some, this long-distance relationship ends up breaking them apart and for some, even this geographical distance acts as a cornerstone that binds their relationship even stronger.

Let’s learn what all you need to do to make this long-distance relationship of your work.

1. Communication

Relationships turn into a long distanced one generally because of some work (study, career or family) that requires much of one’s attention. If your partner is away, you both need to discuss the amount of time you both can spare for each other. Relationships aren’t just about talking for hours every day, it is rather about understanding that you can live your life, do your work, talk really less and still have an extremely romantic kind of relationship.

Don’t force your partner to stay on the phone with you all the time just because he/she is away. Give them their space and you’ll see that life works just right, without them being physically around you as well.

If there’s something important, make sure that you make time for each other and talk it out. No interaction at all at times of fight or misunderstandings can just worsen it even more.

So, keep your conversation frequencies and tendency in compliance with your partner’s happiness and you are good to go.

2. “Be There” For Each Other

You cannot be there for your long-distance partner in every highs and lows of theirs physically, but all it takes for such a relationship to work is to empathize with one another and respond to each other’s emotional call. Communication is important, but ‘understanding’ is beyond that.

Always keep this in mind that your partner doesn’t really want more than the fact that they can open-heartedly share everything with you. Reciprocate that! Make them feel that even if you aren’t there with them, you still are there for them.

3. Memories

As much as possible, try to remind your partner what you love about your relationship. Misunderstandings and arguments are always there in a relationship, but keeping our good memories in the heart saves us from breaking apart. Keep reminding them of the sweet memories that you’ve shared together, the beginning of your relationship when your tummy used to flutter with butterflies every time you saw them, your first walk in the rain, your first kiss. Tell them how much you miss being around them. Tell them what these happy moments of togetherness mean to you. These little things act as binding agents to your relationship.

4. Hang Out Together Being Apart

Just because you guys aren’t together, doesn’t mean that your dates and hangout sessions must be compromised. It’s the 21st century and nothing is impossible. Watch a movie together, do dishes together, share stories and just hang out on video calls. It’s just about making time for each other and letting each other know that wherever one might go, the priorities aren’t going to change. That’s how relationships work!

Liz Colizza, marriage therapist says, “Finding things you can do together as a couple pays off big time in helping you feel more connected. That’s a huge win when it feels like the distance is pulling you in two different directions.” This simply means that having shared moments with your long-distance love strengthens your relationship.

5. Focus On The Positive Side

There’s always going to be one reason or the other to be mad at each other. Not being able to see each other creates a whole new dimension of understanding, where we tend to believe that everything that’s going wrong in the relationship is because of the distance when actually, that’s not true. It’s not the distance; it’s us who make these situations up in our heads.

When in a long-distance relationship, always believe that it IS going to work. Have faith in your love and your partner. Keep your face towards the sun and let go of the clouds of misunderstanding. Nothing but only you can make this happen.

Respect the reason why you both got separated. Respect your partner’s decision. Do not read the wrong things into it. Love is important, but that doesn’t mean you both have to be glued together to make this work. When two people actually love each other, distance means nothing. You’ll always find ways to be with each other.

Respect the present and keep holding-on to the hope that ‘you’re meant to be together’.


A long-distance relationship is tough, but your relationship is stronger than the adversities. If you actually love your partner, try to keep your mind off the fact that you are far from each other, and be positive about the fact that your partner would be missing you as much as you do, and this is making your relationship even stronger.






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