How Yoga Helps fat Loss?

Yoga has been around for more than five thousand years and it is a group of spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines.  It helps you to tone your muscles, burn calories, lose weight, and burn fat. It is a total mind-body workout. It combines stretching and strengthening poses with relaxation or meditation, and deep breathing.  There are more than one hundred different types of yoga. Some are gentle and relaxing while others are intense and fast-paced. If you want to use yoga to help fat loss you will need to do the yoga with more active poses  

The spiritual and mental aspects of yoga focus mindful development, which can increase awareness on various levels.  This will help a person become conscious of how different foods affect their spirit, mind, and body. Research has shown that if a person develops mindfulness using yoga it will help them resist comfort eating and unhealthy foods better.  A person can also become more in tune with their body so they can tell when they are full easier so they do not overeat. In this aspect, yoga can be beneficial for you if you are having trouble losing weight and fat loss. It can also help with binge or impulsive eating and participating in physical activities.  

When you practice yoga it can also improve your sleep quality.  You may be able to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Quality sleep can also help with weight and fat loss.  So make sure that you are getting at least eight hours of sleep each night. When going to bed, turn some soothing music on to help you relax and sleep deeper and more restful.  You will soon notice a difference not only in fat and weight loss but in how you are feeling overall.  

Doing the intense style of yoga will help you burn off fat and more calories and help to prevent you from gaining weight back.  Some of the examples of intense yoga include:

  • Vinyasa—this type of yoga is a series of poses that flow into one another smoothly
  • Ashtanga—this type is a series of poses that is combined with a special breathing technique
  • Power yoga—this is fitness techniques and aggressive exercise with minimal chanting

Power yoga and vinyasa yoga are general done in studios that are humid and very warm so you will sweat as you are moving constantly with them.  These will really help you burn calories and promote fat loss. Practicing yoga will help improve your metabolism and develop your muscle tone.  

There is also restorative yoga that can help in weight loss even though it is not a power yoga where you are constantly moving.  According to one study, restorative yoga helped overweight women lose abdominal fat.  

How often to do yoga for fat loss

You should try to practice it every day if you can to help your body lose body fat and weight on a continual basis.  If you can you should do an intense active practice an hour a day at least three times a week. On the day you are not doing this intense yoga practice you should use gentle, relaxing yoga-like restorative yoga.  Make sure if you are a beginner that you start out slowly and gradually move up to more intense yoga. You should always allow yourself an entire day to rest every week. You can also mix your yoga practices with other exercises like cycling, swimming, or walking to get the benefits of cardiovascular exercises.  You should not weigh yourself before a yoga session, especially if you are doing a class that is considered hot yoga. The reason is that if you are doing this type of class you could lose water during the class so your weight would not be accurate. You should set a certain time to weigh and do it each day at the same time.

Type of yoga that is best for weight and fat loss

When you want to do yoga for weight and fat loss you need to make sure that you are doing the right type.  Look for a class that incorporates poses on large muscle groups, like lunge-like poses.

Yoga and belly fat

Yoga alone cannot help fat loss. You must also include the proper nutrition, stress levels, and workout intensity.  How much weight you can use will depend on a lot of factors such as your lifestyle habits, what you are eating, and sleep pattern.  On average a person can expect to lose one to two pounds per week. Loosing slowly will help you be more successful at keeping it off. 

Yoga poses for weight and fat loss

Sun salutation

This is good to help you lose belly fat.  It also helps to improve blood circulation, anti-aging, improve flexibility, and give you glowing skin.  It is a complete body stretch from top to bottom. Each move targets different muscles that will stretch your body to the max. The deep stretch helps to flow new energy to your body to help remove all emotional and mental blocks.  Your weight loss is connected to the number of repetitions of one complete cycle. This means that the more you move the more you will see fat loss.

One complete cycle, of the right and left leg, consists of twelve you poses that take about thirty seconds so you can do two of them in a minute.  You should do this for ten minutes. After your body becomes use to this and you have more flexibility you can do more than ten minutes if you want.  If you increase the time too soon you can hurt your body

Standing forward bend

If you want your flat belly to look sexy and slim then you should do this pose for weight loss and fat loss.  It will pressurize your abdominal muscles but it takes work to burn those extra calories. This will help you improve your digestion, weight and fat loss, burn stomach fat, and help reduce stress and fatigue.

This is a warming up pose that you can do at the beginner’s level to help improve your flexibility.  When you bend forward you are stretching your hip and leg muscles tightly. In this position for a few seconds will help your energy flow.  It will help to strengthen your legs and flatten your belly.

When you bend down make sure that you tuck your stomach for fifteen second and then exhale to release the pose.  You should start out doing it two to five times and then gradually increase the number you can do. Rest five seconds between each pose.

Downward facing dog

This is another simple yoga pose for weight and fat loss that anyone can do.  You just have to keep in mind that you are stretching your body in the upward direction.  This one will strengthen your shoulders and arms, help with weight and fat loss, help to build strong bones, and improve flexibility.

You need to remember that this is a weight-bearing pose so you have to be able to balance your entire body weight on both of your hands.  This helps to build the strength of the muscles of your hands by burning fat around your arms.  

Although this is a good pose for fat loss it may not be the fastest but it helps you perform other poses more effectively.  Repeat it at least five times.

Half moon

This is a great pose that will help you lose weight and body fat around your stomach and from your thighs.  This pose will give you relief from indigestion and constipation, burn fat on your thighs, reduce anxiety and depression, and help to improve coordination and balance.

At first, you may find it difficult to balance your body but as you keep working at will get easier. In this pose, you are going to be stretching your thigh and belly muscles to help burn fat.  The longer you can hold this pose the more you can increase your fat-burning mechanism. You should hold the position for five to ten deep breaths. When you start with pose and you are new at it you can use the wall to support you.

Cobra pose

This is one pose that you want to make sure that can do as it works amazingly on your body.  This pose will help to firm up your buttocks, soothe back pain, improves your flexibility, and helps promote weight and belly fat loss especially on your stomach, and improves digestion.

It is known to burn belly fat because it stretches your stomach, abdomen, and chest the most.  You should hold the pose for four to five breaths or ten to twenty seconds. When doing it you will feel your stomach pressing on the floor as you lift your chest for the maximum stretch.  For faster weight loss you should try to increase your holding time regularly. To relax your muscles you should take ten seconds between poses.

Boat pose

This pose will help to tone your abdominal muscles, improve digestion, relieve stress, and strengthen your hip muscles and spin.  With this pose, you need to balance your entire body weight on your midriff so at first, it may be a little hard to balance. This is a good pose to help with stubborn belly fat and weight loss.  It will take a little practice but you will be toning your abs and soon you will be able to see the difference. When starting out try to hold the pose for fifteen to twenty seconds and gradually increase your time and the number you can do.

Twisted high lunge

This is another pose that is good to help you lose stubborn belly fat because it puts pressure on your stomach by twisting.  This pose helps to strengthen your lower body, burn fat around our stomach, relax your spine, and helps improve digestion. Twisting will put pressure on your abdomen and upper body, which utilizes most of your energy.  It will also help you burn calories and fat. Try to hold it for ten to twenty seconds and repeat three to four times in order for you to see the best results.

Chair pose

At first, you might feel uncomfortable sitting on an imaginary chair because it utilizes most of your energy and stretch your muscles deeply.  The longer you can stay in this pose the more fat and weight loss you will see in your thighs and lower belly. This pose tones your knees, ankles, and thighs, helps you learn how to balance your body, reduce thigh fat, and tones your butt muscles.

It is a modified version of the squats, which also tone your hip and thigh muscles.  When you are sitting on your imaginary chair, it will boost the blood flow in your body.  Try to hold it for fifteen to thirty seconds or three to four breaths.

These are just some of the many different yoga poses that you can use for weight and fat loss. Yoga is not the fasted way to lose weight or fat loss but you will see results if you keep a regular yoga schedule and do the right poses.  You will also need to make sure that you are eating a well-balanced diet and stay away from junk food. Before you start a yoga regimen you should check with your physician to make sure that you do not have anything that would keep you from trying these various fat loss poses.  Starting out you can join a yoga class and then start doing it at home if you want. There are also yoga videos that so you can do them at home. Do rush to do the more complex and harder yoga poses but work up to them so you do not injure yourself. In time you will see the results that you are looking for.  Also, make sure that you stay well hydrated while doing them.

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