Obsession Phrases Review – Dina’s Real Story

Searching for Mr. Right can be a tiring task, especially when men don’t find you attractive or interesting enough to date.

Our sales executive, Dina  was in a similar fix. Ever since her divorce and as  she ending up being a single mom, either she wasn’t having much time to date or guys never found her interesting enough to strike up a conversation with.

While we, her friends, and some relatives managed often to get guys to set her up, she really couldn’t seem to hack it.

As a result, she got pretty desperate, and started blaming herself and her looks for the lack of a love life.

So, she tried everything in the book, from changing her look to trying out self-development guides and manuals, but none of them was able to provide her with what she wanted.

It was not until she tried out Kelsey Diamond’s Obsession Phrases that she saw some noticeable results. We were is utter shock as we saw her picking her pace up the obsession scale and decided to walk along with her as she moved ahead with the eBook. 

This article is an honest review from Dina to us and from us to you. Happy reading!

Obsession Phrases Review, A Comprehensive Guide.

So, what is Obsession Phrases?

Simply put, it’s a 242-page eBook program that is specifically designed to teach women how to appear attractive to men and make guys immediately fall for them.

It shows women that even if they are not as beautiful, they can attract as much male attention as they want.  

According to the guide, the secret to sex appeal is all about creating a chemical response within the brain, and this is what Kelsey Diamond precisely bases her product upon.  

Kelsey states that she had extensively experimented with the male brain and found out what really attracts them. And putting her research to the test, she has developed a system in her guide, which guarantees that men can be attracted merely through the use of words and phrases.

And what is indeed so very unique about this product, is that it just doesn’t cater to single ladies or heterosexual females, but for heterosexual men and the LGBT community as well. Though women are the target audience, people from other genders and sexuality can apply Kelsey’s teachings as well.

The guide also contains an exciting story about how Kelsey herself used words to attract all the men she wanted to.


What Did Dina Learn from Obsession Phrases?

Dina started the course by familiarizing herself with Kelsey Diamond’s insightful tips on hypnotherapy and psychology which would get men to fall for her instantly.

She then moved on to learn unique phrases and words throughout the guide, which comes in two halves.

  1. First Half.

The initial section of the first half was all about Kelsey teaching Dina about the things that men actually desire in a relationship. It gives a brief overview of the male psyche, and explains in a very engaging way all the things that make men ‘tick’.

The second section of this half was an attempt at making Dina explore her own sexuality and chart out the quintessential differences that make men and women different from each other. The most important lesson this imparted was that all the traits to attract a man was already inside Dina, to begin with, she just hadn’t realized it yet.

The third and fourth section of this half showed Dina how to remain a step ahead of her competition.

But by competition here I don’t mean other women, but certain things that preoccupy men, like sports, pornography or even video games.

And more importantly, it even taught Dina how to keep her man in line every time he would want to stray, especially when a third party would offer him a sexual act that she wouldn’t.

  1. Second Half.

The next section of the guide primarily dealt with showing Dina how to redirect a man’s attention with whom her relationship is failing. By acquiring knowledge of and using the basic principles of human behavior, Kelsey says that it’s possible to rekindle a breaking relationship.

Right after extensively dealing with human nature, the guide started to teach her some very intense phrases that can make her connection stronger.

And then it’s followed by phrases which will help with the maintenance part of the relationship. This part is all about making her man keep coming back to her.

To round off the guide, Kelsey finishes with a final section that reviews everything that Dina has learned throughout the course. Laying out all the basic principles to lay a strong foundation for her relationship.  

What about Obsession Phrases did Dina find Disadvantageous?

Even though the course was a success for Dina and she has been actively dating for some time now, there are a few things about Obsession Phrases she wished were done better.

  1. Only in eBook Format.

During times when she had low internet connectivity, Dina was hardly able to access Obsession Phrases, and this was quite inconvenient to her. She wished that it came with both a physical and digital copy.

  1. The guide can attract all sorts of men.

Obsession Phrases is all about attracting the man you desire, but not teach the fundamental psychological nature of that guy. So, the guide will not be able to help you if you start attracting men of the wrong sorts.

  1. Too many techniques can get too complicated to master.

Kelsey’s product covers an extensive variety of tips and methods, where even though some are simple, others can be extremely complicated, and it got quite hard for Dina to remember a few of them.

Buyer’s Guide

Obsession Phrases can really get you through a rough patch in your relationship. But if you are still not sure about buying this eBook, consider the points given below. We are positive that these critical factors will help you make the right decision.

  1. Target Audience

Before buying programs like Obsessions Phrases, we would suggest that you learn more about its target audience. This will help you understand if the specific book is worth the investment.

As mentioned earlier, the eBook does not only cater to single women, but it is also suitable for men from the LGBT community. So, once done reading, you can also give it to a male friend or family member going through something similar. Hence, its diverse target audience is what makes it a must-have.

  1. Risk-Free

We always strive for risk-free investments, so that we are sure our  money is not wasted. And thanks to the two-month money-back guarantee of Obsessions Phrases ebook, you need not worry about your money getting wasted.

If you are not happy with this program’s guidance, you can request a refund with no questions asked. So, it is safe to say that this is a 100% risk-free investment.

  1. Sections and Subsections

Before making a purchase, make sure you go through the contents to get a brief idea of what the program offers. There is no point going ahead with the investment if you don’t find the information provided relevant enough to work in your interest.

Sections and subsections also play a significant role. As you already know, Obsessions Phrases is written in a simple language with proper divisions of content and sections. This will help readers understand the guide more easily. It also manages to keep you engaged with its detailed lessons.


Who should be reading Obsession Phrases?

Obsession Phrases is an eBook ideal for women who are not happy in their relationship or have recently gone through a separation. So, women who are insecure in their relationship and desire attention and love must read this eBook. It will help you understand a man’s mind, especially when he is unwilling to commit. The program also enables you to release anger and overcome heartbreaks if you have been poorly treated in the past. Every woman or even a man can read this eBook as it offers valuable insight for different problems related to relationships.

Does Obsession Phrases really work?

Kelsey Diamond’s Obsession Phrases enables women to understand the mind and perception of men. It’s not a magical formula, which will help build your relationship. But the exciting book does provide guidance to attract men’s attention only using words and phrases. Reading Obsession Phrases will help frame conversations in a way that makes men want to be around you and realize your value. While the second section enables you to build a true connection of love. The book will work wonders for every woman out there!

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Final Thoughts

Gina found Obsession Phrases to be a fantastic product, and a must-have for those single ladies who’re having a rough love life. And she is sure that this guide can help you as much as it was able to help her.


  • Lessons are thorough, detailed and very engaging.
  • For ease of use, the whole guide is divided into sections and subsections.
  • Extensively deals with the male psyche and what attracts it.
  • Suits not just heterosexual female but other genders and sexualities as well.


  • Only in eBook format, and the lessons can be too various to remember all.
  • Can attract the wrong sort of men.

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