Piano for All Review – Does it Work or Not?

None of us are musicians. We all are music enthusiasts, though. We love the idea of knowing how to play a musical instrument but our career and the track we are in never allowed us to pursue the same. It’s the virtue of our profession, we keep getting unique opportunities to try out new things. This time, it was a review that was to be formulated that took us to piano.

We chose Dhruv to try it out. He, being the most music-enthusiast of all.

We made him learn Piano with the help of ‘Piano For All’ which got us an honest and genuine review for the same.

After a few weeks of the program, working on Dhruv’s terrible piano skills – totally on him – he has come up with some understanding of the program and some insights that we want to share with you.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Piano for All: A Brief Review / First Impressions

Piano for All is a piano teaching program that comes with 10 eBooks, 500 audios and 200 videos.

Just to be clear, we have NOT gone through to the entirety of it yet to give you a complete overview of the course.

What we have done instead is practice early tutorials for hours. So, consider this more like a first impression rather than a comprehensive review.

Piano For All Online Vs. Offline Review

We have to mention right away that Robin Hall, the creator of Piano for All, is a really nice person. We know most tutorial teachers are that way in video lectures but this gentleman right here made Dhruv feel welcome with all his lack of skill.

We will have to mention Dhruv’s embarrassing few months as a child when he was signed up for piano classes by his parents.

They spent a couple hundreds of dollars in the entire conundrum of making their kid do something more than just play video games.

Which in our opinion is way more expensive and way less fruitful than what he is doing right now.

Well, you can say that when you learn in person you get powerful insights that you can’t get on any tutorial online. But then sometimes you need to go through lessons again and again and only the comfort of video lectures can make that happen.

Although there can be some drawbacks of online learning, especially given the variety of courses online, in any case, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages always.

Dhruv has always have been bad at reading notes and understanding music, but now, he can just put it on repeat or slow-motion until he gets it.

“My childhood piano teacher was not so great at that. Is it a warning sign of the dawn of the new age that I am able to connect with computers more than actual people?

Well, who cares? I am finally learning the piano after 30 years”,says this newly renovated musician.piano for all review

The Visual Reference

So it’s more affordable and more accessible than the real thing? But what else?

Well, one of our more musically savvy friends pointed out that the lessons have been kinder to her because she doesn’t like reading into notes.

She likes the feel of the music more and watching the musician get the feel of the song. And the video lectures are perfect for those kinds of learners.

According to her, online learning program is not a replacement but an alternative for people who learn differently. Conventional school is actually very “conventional”. Some people learn differently and Piano for All is finally an opportunity for them to learn.

Quick Small Lesson From Piano For All

How Much Time Do You Really Need?

Although this program is meant for folks of all ages, let’s talk about adults a bit. Most adults are busy folks who have jobs and families to take care of. They don’t have a couple of hours to spend like most kids get the time for.

Good news for them though, Piano for All recommends only 20 to 30 minutes of practice every day; which is relatively way smaller and most folks get away with even less and irregular practice.

The Offline Shipment

Now even though it’s not the good old’ 80s and most people have stable high-speed internet connections, some people don’t or would like an offline collection instead of an online one so they can fire up some tutorial anytime inspiration hits them like a truck.

Don’t worry. Piano for All has got you covered as well with a DVD collection of all the lessons that will be shipped to your doors in just a couple of days since order.

Weighing it out

The learning experience has been splendid not just in contrast to the offline options but online tutorials as well. The biggest reason is that it’s complete. Most online tutorials are posted for free and many times the creator would just leave it in between but this is a complete package on the other hand. Also, it’s way more affordable than offline learning and has a DVD collection as well.

However, under certain traffic loads, the website of the course will be unreliable and slow. Well, you can obviously just download the lectures or just order the DVDs but this is the only hole in the entire experience which we think we should point out.

Buyer’s Guide | Things To Consider Before Enrolling For The Piano For All Course

It’s pretty natural that the key factors to consider before enrolling are unfamiliar to the average person. Don’t worry, here’s a list of the main points to confirm before you spend your hard-earned dollars, just to make sure you won’t regret it later.

  1. Online/Offline Learning

Some of us prefer learning online, while the rest like it the old-fashioned way. The question is, which one are you? Whether you want to access this program online or offline, the Piano For All team has a plan for it. Master your skills through online video streaming or acquire a more flexible learning experience – all up to you!

  1. Course Compatibility

It may be hard for someone who isn’t previously experienced to grasp an advanced learning program when it comes to music. Before you invest, it’s essential to ensure that the program helps the inexperienced folks learn precisely. Fortunately, the Piano For All program is very beginner-friendly, teaching you the fundamentals from scratch.

  1. Pricing

Money doesn’t grow on trees, so why spend it without cross-checking whether you’re getting the best values? The Piano For All course doesn’t even cost you three figures and still offers more than what you pay.

It mostly runs attractive discounts, which makes it even better. But it doesn’t stop there – it’s a one-time payment with subsequent free updates, which seals the deal for us at least.

  1. User Support

Virtual learning isn’t all bad, but at some point, you’d need someone to critique your progress. Otherwise, the process feels too robotic. But in this case, Piano for All creator Robin Hall personally evaluates your learning for a more rewarding experience overall.

Piano For All – Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case you’re still a little hesitant, we’ve added a brief FAQ section to clarify your doubts regarding this program.

I’ve never had any experience with playing keys. Is Piano For All going to be difficult to learn?

Quite honestly, this course is specially designed for folks who haven’t touched a key before in their lives. Don’t worry about memorizing long sheets of music, as it approaches piano-learning in an entertaining and entry-level style. All it takes is following the instructions to train your ears and improve your skills consistently.

I’m trained enough to comprehend sheet music, will Piano For All help me learn anything new?

Even if you’re skilled enough to understand the notes, the learning doesn’t stop there. With this program, you can learn how to master the keys by your ears and create your compositions. And it leaves the boring details at the door, so here you’ll enjoy learning.

How long would it take me to sound competent and confident?

Believe it or not, it’s proven to take only a few days to make you sound like an entry-level professional. But don’t just take our word, go through the testimonials and hear it from the horse’s mouth!



With that, we hope this review was helpful to you and we wish you a happy learning session. Also, do take a look on some of our latest posts:

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Final Words

All in all, I believe that Piano for All is a great learning program for anyone who wants to give this art form a shot.

The tutorials are extensive, comprehensive and very informative not only for the gurus and veterans but even for the average Joe or worse, like me.

Robin Hall has done a splendid job and if you are in the market for learning the piano then I’d surely recommend this handy-dandy program to you.


  • Comprehensive and easy learning experience.
  • Elaborate and complete package for learning the piano.
  • Affordable and refundable, along with offline shipping options.


  • The online site is a bit underwhelming.

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