Power Quadrant System Review-Read This Before Buying

Ever played around with this hypothesis inside your head, that achieving success in life is ancestral and is perhaps encoded in your very DNA?

Sounds like a script out of a science fiction novel, doesn’t it?

Well, Power Quadrant System by Ric and Liz is here to show you otherwise. It bases its principles on an ancient calendar which through calculations, focuses on the right path to choose to get things done.

But, you might be thinking that this hypothesis sounds too far-fetched to be true, we had the same opinion as well.  

However, before we dismissed it as a Power Quadrant System scam, we tried it for ourselves, and we must confess that the results were surprisingly positive.

We are not going to tell you that the calculations were perfectly accurate and the decisions made all our dreams come true. But what we can say for sure is that this program has made us much more positive and helped unlock all of our energy reserves.

What Is the Power Quadrant System?

The makers of the program, Ric and Liz believe that for any living human, the success of their lives is coded in their DNA. And by using calculations through a very ancient calendar, one can manipulate the outcome of their lives with the decisions they make.

The calendar is considered to be somewhat prehistoric and is said to have lost its existence during the Roman reign where it got replaced by Caesar’s calendar, which we are still using till date.

Ric and Liz in their guide points out that there are a few flaws in the calendar that we use today. They state some of the loopholes that Caesar had initially looked past, where he rounded a whole year off in 10 days and considered October as the 8th month of the year.

Though some of Caesar’s miscalculations were later rectified, Power Quadrant System still insists that the new calendar misses an entire moon cycle. As their ancient calendar comes from an age before the telescope, some of their facts can be indeed misleading.

Spiritual healing was the primary goal behind the calendar, which made one realize his/her own potential and harness the energy around.

About The Creators.

The couple Ric and Liz discovered the calendar when their company was in a very unfavorable financial situation, and they were quickly losing hope.

The calendar told them that the way they were going about doing their work was all wrong, and then on rectifying their work process, they found that everything got much better. They later realized that this calendar also worked as a DNA decoder.

The calendar was introduced to them by an old lady who told them a story about a stone tablet that was found in the 1600s. The calendar was carved into the tablet, and it was considered to be used by an ancient civilization to harness the energy around them.

The couple then did a 10-year-long research into the calendar and tested its codes and instructions on various people. They soon came up with the Power Quadrant System, whose sole purpose they considered to be the spreading of the calendar’s secrets but at a very affordable rate.  

The makers never once claim the discovery to be theirs, and they also say that you will find a lot of information about this calendar in many other places. All they have done is simplify the process that could have taken years for anyone to decode.

What came with the package?

The program was almost entirely a 53-minute audio track that taught us everything that we needed to know about our energy reserves and the ancient calendar.

The material primarily focused on two specific things, mainly our professional and love lives. The code revealed to us what type of people would be supportive of us and who will cause us irreparable harm, all depending on the color match.

The audio talked about a color system that categorizes personalities with different colors. It even showed us, our co-worker, Emily’s code, and why we were having some work issues at the time.

Some of the guide’s aspects looked pretty accurate, and some really disappointed and fell short of expectations. But there were some things which we absolutely couldn’t complain about, and they were the bonus materials we got with the pack.

  1. Real Life Legends Club Test Drive.

It’s a one time free VIP access to the club which has a lot of interviews of some of the biggest names in the personal development industry.

Hearing about the life story of some of these people (like Tony Robbins and John Gray) honestly opened our eyes to a lot of negativity and energy blockers that were inside us. The site has more than 46 interviews, where each is as inspiring as the next.

  1. Books.

The product also comes with 2 free books, one of them deals with the “change your mind, change your life” concept. While the other is more of a planner, an “action blueprint” that teaches on making a better life by implementing various principles.

Some Terms, Concepts & Topics Touched Upon in the Power Quadrant System.

Positive thinking and positive energy is something that the Power Quadrant System mainly talks about. Topics like love, sex and wealth are all prevalent throughout the course, with special emphasis on a type of depression called ‘Professional Anxiety.’

It was once discovered by ‘The Oxford Program’ that there was a type of severe depression called ‘Professional Anxiety,’ that plagued people who found themselves working at jobs towards which they had no love or passion.

And at times it caused them to feel that this job doesn’t match what their intrinsic calling to life is. In other words, they felt that it is not something that they are born to do.

So if you have thoughts such as:

  • Do I have some creeping doubts about the future of my professional life?
  • Does the very thought of going to work early in the morning make me want to curl up in my bed dissuaded and depressed?
  • Do I feel miserable about imagining a future with this career and am quite uncertain about where this profession is headed?
  • Do I lack a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction every day when I come back home from work?

Then there is a high chance that you might be showing signs of career anxiety.

The Stages of Career Anxiety and Escape.

According to the Oxford Program, there are three stages to this depressive stage.

Phase 1: Career Dissatisfaction.

Phase 2: Career Demotivation.

Phase 3: Profession Paralysis

Anxiety is indeed an extremely genuine and debilitating condition for so many people. And some of the more recent researches in the Australian National University has shown that having the wrong job is much worse than having no job at all.

It goes without saying that you obviously wouldn’t want to reach the 3rd phase of the professional anxiety where you’re too paralyzed to even work. The Power Quadrant System course helps you unlock the coding in your DNA and teaches you to identify what is exactly causing the stasis in your professional life.

Whether the job is not right for you, or even if you do like the job but aren’t gaining a raise or promotion, this course will help you sort out all your professional anxieties.

According to Dr. Liana Leach of the Centre for Mental Health Research Study “… research study showed that people who moved from being out of work into poor-quality tasks were substantially more likely to be depressed… than those individuals who stayed out of work.” –

So, in order to escape from this constant sense of hopelessness and a chronic state of constant mind swings what’s better than to fill yourself up with positive energy?

‘You can avoid having to suffer through any more years of “quiet desperation” by doing something about it today,’ and the Power Quadrant System will help you achieve that and more.

Where does the Power Quadrant System fail to impress?

The biggest downside to Power Quadrant System is that it’s not reliable science. As all of its teachings and principles are solely based off an inscription of a calendar from a stone tablet, there is no scientific proof behind any of its claims.

And though a lot of its theories and coded constructs are accurate, especially when it comes to coding personality types, some of its assumptions are quite wrong as well.

Buyer’s Guide – Things To Consider Before Buying The Power Quadrant System

Now that we see you’re slowly developing a keen interest in this program, let’s walk you through the fundamentals to cross-check before buying a plan such as this. Here are the key factors you must keep in mind to ensure you don’t regret your purchase later!

  1. Ease of Understanding

Our deductions say that you’re most curious about these programs because this concept is relatively new and trending. However, it’d be stupid to buy something like this impulsively, only to find out later that you’re struggling to decipher the message behind it. So, the top priority here is to ensure that the program is easy to understand.

Fortunately, this program stands out to be very easy to comprehend and pursue, considering that it’s mainly designed to help beginners gain an idea about how to enhance their skills. Don’t be carried away by the complex Mayan Calendar aspect; the program breaks it down very efficiently.

  1. Pricing

Price is a big factor when you’re making a purchase, be it anything. It’s essential to ensure that you’re getting the best values out of your investment. So, how costly is the Power Quadrant System?

We don’t want to leave you shocked, but this program is as cheap as $7! You read it right; you only have to pay a general fee of $7 to enroll in this program. Name a better plan that offers so much valuable learning for such a bargain-basement price tag!

  1. Refund Policy

In case the entire program starts smelling fishy, or if by chance you don’t learn anything valuable from it, the company has a refund policy. If you don’t see any visible results within 60 days, contact them to get your money back!


A system that sounds like a complex nuclear reactor is bound to have the average person questioning its credibility in dealing with the hypothesis that the key to success is in their DNA. Keeping that in mind, we’ve added a short FAQ section!

What is the Power Quadrant System all about?

All right, let’s address the elephant in the room - what is this fuss all about? If you excuse its rather intricate name, this system is merely a compilation of some exercises that help you enhance your thinking process. To be very honest, it has helped us at least transform ourselves more progressively. It deals with the moon, stars, and ancient calendars - using these aspects to help you fix your life with valuable info.

Who are the creators of the Power Quadrant System program?

You want to be familiar with the authors before buying the program, well, fair enough, and rather smart! This program was brought into action through the collaborative efforts of Ric and Liz. This couple had used the Mayan calendar to revive a firm that was consistently incurring losses, which sparked the idea of spreading the mantra.

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I tried out the Power Quadrant System when I was at a very low point in my life, and it helped me have a very positive outlook on life. Though some of its concepts were a swing and a miss, a lot of its teachings were rather useful.


  • Ancient calendar that works as a DNA decoder.
  • The package comes with 2 useful bonuses.
  • Makes the user have a more positive outlook on life.
  • Allows one to harness the energy around.


  • Has no scientific backing to its claims.
  • Some of its assumptions are wrong.

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