Primal Beauty Secrets Review – Gina’s Shocking Results!

Not many people are aware of the fact that modern-day cosmetic products and an improper diet are some of the leading problems behind skin and health issues.

Our co-worker Gina learned this the hard way. Ever since she became a mother and started playing the role of a single parent, her health slowly deteriorated and so did her beauty.

She soon started having skin problems like acne, dark circles, and white patches, and she never really had much time to take care of herself.

She tried everything in her power to get things back to the way they were; to get her long lost beauty back. And out of desperation, she tried out a lot of cosmetic courses and dietary plans, but that only seemed to make matters worse.

It was not until she discovered Neely Quinn’s, Paleo Diet based Primal Beauty Secrets that she started to show some positive results.

We came across Gina’s newest discovery of Primal Beauty and decided to walk along with her through this journey. This article conveys her steps in this initiative of transforming her life.

So What is Primal Beauty Secrets All About?

Gina tells us that the Primal beauty Secrets was all about changing her diet plans to help her re-acquire her once lost beauty through extremely natural ways.

The entire course is based on the infamous ‘Paleo diet,’ which strictly follows the rule of eating nothing but naturally processed food and products. The diet plan goes even as far as commenting ‘if something wasn’t hunted or gathered by cavemen, it isn’t Paleo.’

However, Primal Beauty Secrets doesn’t just stop at recommending the type of food you should eat, but lays stress on the quality of food as well.

The basic concept behind this product, is that a skin with a healthy and youthful glow is not something that can be found in a cosmetic bottle. Primal Beauty Secrets, on the other hand, uses a unique combination of certain food ingredients that naturally detox the skin and help reduce excess fat deposition as well.

And even though the entire process with all its elements may sound complicated and expensive at first, Gina tells us that this product is extremely affordable and delivers on all of its promises. The ingredients that the course will require are cheap as well, and most of them will be lying around your kitchen anyway.

As an added bonus, along with the online access to the program, she also got all the recipes she needed along with all the tips and tricks to help her through the course. She was able to download the program as well and complete it at her own pace.

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  • Makes you aware of the type of food that best suits your body.
  • The course is easy to follow and the steps seem fun and interesting.
  • Comes with a book of amazing recipes.
  • Uses the very successful Paleo diet as a part of its course.
  • Takes a long time to show effects.
  • Requires a lot of dedication to get the desired results.

About the Author.

The author of Primal Beauty Secrets, Neely Quinn, is quite a well known and certified Paleo Nutrition therapist, who has carved her own niche in the ‘healthy eating’ profession for years now.

Primal Beauty Secrets is a result of a collaboration between Neeley and Paleo Hacks where she takes the Paleo dietary scheme one step further and makes it much more approachable for a lot of willing customers.

Neely’s life long experience in the field of healthy living and diet imparted her with the knowledge and expertise to create a very unique food program. She designs it in such a way that it’s able to show you how to bring out your most beautiful self both internally and externally.

Her goal, she states is to ‘ teach you how to have the body, lifestyle, and health you’ve always desired.’

What Gina, and subsequently we absolutely loves about Neely is not just her go-getter attitude, but also how she is able to explain to her all the various benefits of the products in a very engaging way. She makes the experience rather fun and enjoyable and even provides the product guide with some of her very own recipes.

The Paleo Comfort Cookbook contains some of her recipes such as:

  1. Primal Beauty Secrets Recipes:
  • Bacon wrapped eggs
  • Bacon Avocado Turkey wraps
  • Avocado BTL bowl
  • Zesty Fresh Tacos
  • Spicy Italian Pork Roast
  1. Beauty Meals:
  • Chorizo eggs
  • African curry
  • Turkey burgers
  • Squashetti
  • Perfect pizza bites
  • Chocolate cookies
  1. Shake recipes
  • Tall, dark and handsome’s sexy chocolate brother(banana, almond, milk, cacao powder, cinnamon, and Medjool dates)
  • Post-Yoga booty shake(fresh blueberries, coconut milk, protein powder, and baby spinach)
  • Strawberry sassy(strawberries, honey, coconut milk, and water)

After each of her recipes, she adds a list of the top 100 ‘superfoods’ that you can find anywhere, from the grocery store to your kitchen. Some of them include:

  • Tomatoes
  • Cinnamon
  • Pineapple
  • Avocado
  • Onion
  • Mango

With her customer’s in mind, Neely also gives away a free bonus pack of the ‘Annemarie Skin Care Sample Pack,’ along with the ‘How to Reverse Arthritis Naturally’ guide book. Both these products talk about natural and chemical-free ways of getting the body back to its optimal working condition.

How Was Primal Beauty Secrets able to Help Gina?

Gina after purchasing the Primal Beauty Secrets online was quite surprised by the amount and variety of eBooks that came with the product.

She has had a lot of experiences with dietary programs before, but none were able to provide her with so many options and detailed guides. Some of the more critical eBooks that the product comes with are:

  • The Main Manual
  • Recipes
  • Shake Recipes
  • Snack Recipes
  • Beauty Meals
  • Top 100 Superfoods

What makes each of the guides so very effective, is how they are each able to focus on one particular aspect of natural living and the human body. This allowed each of the guides to be very easy to follow, and Gina had no trouble implementing each of the provided steps in her daily routine.

According to Gina, Primal Beauty Secrets sums up its own and Paleo’s teachings in the introductory chapters of the course, in a very beautiful way. It says, “Primal Beauty Secrets is a how-to guide designed to teach you these two things: 1. How to be the most beautiful version of YOU using only natural methods 2. How to be the healthiest version of YOU using only natural methods.”

Something that this product does well which none of its competitors are able to do is give the users ample tips and tricks on how to specifically orient the course to their respective needs. “Take what works for your life, leave the rest, and go discover some more!” is the motto from the very initial chapters of the main manual.

By breaking down the concept of beauty into its very essentials of ‘exercise, cosmetics, kegels, youth, energy, and attitude,’ the guide provides an effective study on the various aspects needed to improve one’s overall health and beauty.  

Eating Right and Results.

The working concept behind the Primal Beauty Secrets program is eating the right kind of food. ‘Grass-fed animals, organic fruits and vegetables,’ are the products that are highly recommended by the course.

Avoiding any synthetic products is of utmost importance, as it may adversely affect your body. And if you’re entirely new to the dietary concept of Paleo, the Primal Beauty Secrets makes sure that you’re thoroughly acquainted with all the concepts before you start the program.

After following the course for about 6 months, some of the changes that we found in Gina’s body are:

  • Her flabs started to die out, and her abdominal muscles were significantly more toned.
  • Her carbon footprint had reduced drastically.
  • She did not need any external vitamins and energy pills.
  • Her allergic reactions to specific allergens went down as well.
  • She is no more prone to inflammation or inflammatory diseases.
  • She is much more energetic and focused than before.
  • A significant boost in confidence and positive energy towards life.
  • Her blood sugar level is at an all-time low.
  • Her skin is much clearer with less visible signs of aging and acne.

The course also taught Gina how to read and understand food labels, which is quite convenient. This helps her to avoid stuff that are toxic for her body and opt for a more healthier lifestyle that makes her look more youthful each day.

What can be better about the Primal Beauty Secrets?

One of the major issues that customers have with the Primal Beauty Secrets product is how it takes a significantly long amount of time to show results.

As the program uses nothing but natural ingredients, it might put off customers who are looking for a quicker solution to all their skin and health issues.

A lot of dedication is required to achieve the desired results from this program as well. Abstaining from junk is one of the hardest things for anyone to achieve, and this is one of the reasons why a lot of people looking for weight loss don’t go for this product.primal beauty secrets feeback

Final Thoughts.

For Gina, the Primal Beauty Secrets was something that completely turned her life around. Not only did it bring her out of a state of constant anxiety and depression, but it made her have a much more positive and energetic outlook towards life as well. It made her feel and look a lot more youthful, and she is also much more focused in her professional and private life.

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