Testogen Review: Josh’s True Experience

With the world’s obsession with appearances and the rising risks of diseases, we often find ourselves in a stifling situation that calls for immediate attention to our health.

However, seldom do we understand or, if we’re at the receiving end of it, able to speak up about our health complications at length in fear of being judged and avoided.

And this is precisely where we suffer.

Being a man in his mid-thirties, Josh has no shame in admitting the fact that the problem of hypothyroidism had plagued his physical and sexual health since a very long time until he got the right kind of help.IMG_5947

The really harrowing part of it all was looking for a miracle drug online which exposed him to the world of gimmicks. But only till the point that he actually got what he was looking for: TestoGen.

Hailed as a genuinely wonderful testosterone booster, Testogen has provided its users with some incredible results.

And if you’ve been wondering if this one’s a gimmick or not as well, then you should take your time reading through this.

We are going to bring out a very honest and personalised review of TestoGen from Josh’s point of view.


TestoGen Review: An Overview

TestoGen is a strategically formulated supplement that claims to help boost the production of testosterone in the body. It does so through a unique and potent blend of select natural ingredients that are proven to assist the body in this process.

It is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, a brand that is globally recognized for creating some of the most potent and top-notch health supplements and products in the United States.

Since men are the primary users of testosterone boosters, the product is created, keeping in mind all the ways that Testosterone affects the male body and system. A vital point that was taken as a determinant in creating it is the fact the body gradually loses its ability to produce testosterone with age.

Therefore, it is all the more essential to create a formula that will sufficiently supplement this loss. And that is precisely what TestoGen has managed to achieve!

However, testosterone supplements not only cater to the requirements of older men but to bodybuilders and athletes as well, helping them to improve and enhance their physical features.

The levels of testosterone also affect the emotional and psychological development and state in men.

What does the product claim to do?

TestoGen is, simply put, a highly effective and powerful testosterone booster that assists in the production of testosterone naturally in the body. It primarily seeks to manage your hormonal levels, preventing any adverse effect on your metabolism.

The formula claims to help you achieve the following benefits:

  • Increase stamina to work harder and burn all the excess fat
  • Improve the health of your skin, making it healthy and firmer.
  • Keep you a lot more energized, spirited, and active.
  • Improve your sleeping patterns by relaxing both mind and body
  • Increase your libido and performance by providing you harder and more lasting erections.
  • Help with rapid muscle growth and increase the rate of muscle recovery.

All of these factors are essential, especially for older men, as it helps to reinvigorate and re-infuse the strength, excitement, and vitality of life back into their lives!


TestoGen offers a unique formula that has been created using some of the most incredibly powerful, natural ingredients known for having immediate effects on the metabolism, improving it through and through.

Here’s a complete list of the ingredients of the composition and their benefits for you to understand the product better.

  • D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA)

This is an amino acid that is known as a powerful testosterone booster. D-Aspartic acid helps to increase the production of free testosterone in the system, supplementing the immediate requirement of the body for this hormone. It increases the overall physical strength as well as the athletic prowess of the body.

It is essential for aging men, generally over the age of 30.

  • Tribulus Terrestris fruit extract

Recognized as a potent libido enhancer, the extract of the Tribulus Terrestris improves sexual performance by improving libido (sex drive). It is an effective testosterone booster and is known to work towards alleviating inflammation in the body.

It also helps to manage mood swings and has been a significant test-element in the treatments for depression.

  • Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek contains several vital minerals such as iron, magnesium, manganese, and phosphorus. This supports and maintains the healthy functioning of the organ in our body and enhances libido.

However, the essential function of fenugreek is to block DTH, which is an estrogen compound that could lead to the enlargement of the mammary glands in men, if present in higher levels in the body.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

Testosterone is a hormone that has a tendency to bind with the Sex Binding Hormone Globulin or SBHG. As soon as this happens, testosterone loses most of its potency and effects. Nettle Leaf extract keeps testosterone from binding with SBHG, allowing them to move freely around in your body and have their full effect on your system.

This way, it helps maximize the effect of the newly produced testosterone in your body, bringing about all the positive changes that it’s supposed to.

  • Panax Ginseng

This is one ingredient that has been used since ancient times and more so in traditional Chinese medications. This has been known as a powerful aphrodisiac known to boost libido and improve sexual performance by helping you to achieve longer-lasting and harder erections.

Apart from this, Panax Ginseng is known to improve concentration, endurance, and increase the overall physical strength.

  • Selenium

Selenium is actually required in smaller quantities by the body but is still plays a significant role in preventing the invasion of free radicals into our system and metabolism. Selenium, therefore, protects our system from the onslaught of free radicals which weaken our body and accelerates the aging process.

It has also been known to boost testosterone levels and improve sperm production in men.

  • Bioperine

Bioperine does not affect your system directly, but instead, it works by enhancing the bioavailability of your body. This improves the body’s capacity and ability to absorb the essential vitamins and minerals better and in sufficient quantities so that they could have their full effects and bring about exceedingly positive results.

  • Vitamin D3

This increases the body’s ability to absorb and assimilate calcium, hence improving and facilitating bone development. It also boosts muscle growth, strength, and balance.

  • Vitamin K6

What Vitamin K6 does is increase the production of the various androgens in the body, that, in turn, increase testosterone production. One of the vital things that it does is to keep the level of estrogen low in the male body.

  •  Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 increases the body’s capacity to absorb more Vitamin D, which directly impacts the production of testosterone and the hormone itself.

  • Boron and Zinc

Both of these elements are known to effectively increase the production of testosterone in the body and maximize its effects.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is known to increase testosterone levels by 25%-30%!

Why Josh chose TestoGen?

As far as we could remember, Josh’s life had been riddled with nagging health issues since the age of 14. He was diagnosed with hypothyroidism that just kept up messing my system good till he took to working out really hard at around 25.

Now, working out really helped, and Josh tried to keep fit as much as he could. But unfortunately, he noticed that nothing was providing me with the kind of results he was hoping for. He wasn’t really acquiring anything in muscle mass although he was putting on so much weight in unnecessary fat.

“And, in fact, I saw that after a point of time, i wasn’t even being able to work out for long. I felt weak even after doing the easiest of chores. Eventually, all that was happening at that point of time in my life was nothing really substantial than frequent trips to the doctor”, says Josh.

It was around this time that we had taken up to look for health supplements and compositions that helped boost the testosterone levels in ones body. As we remember having to witness the scare of his life when Josh actually began losing his sex-drive.

He was quite insecure about his body, to begin with. And to actually realize that he wasn’t being able to get it up all that much anymore shattered his emotional health.

Josh’s experience with the product

TestoGen was introduced to us in a conference that we all attended. It was a friend who shared his own experiences. We weren’t sure if this would help until Josh himself came up with the idea of trying.

“When he knew about my struggles with health issues, he promptly suggested that I should give TestoGen a legit try. He spoke from experience about this supplement, since he had been using it himself after being diagnosed with the preliminary stages of diabetes mellitus last year”, says Josh. 

It had helped our friend immensely, and he was now able to maintain a good body shape thanks to the testosterone-boosting abilities of this supplement.

So, after much consideration and weighing the pros and cons of this product, Josh decided to give it a try and bought his first bottle of it.

However, we would like to say that he went ahead and started with this product only after getting a green signal from a known doctor. He wasn’t all that worried about side-effects owing to the natural ingredients contained in it.

The results

Josh took Testogen for about five full months before he formed his opinion about it. And we were pleasantly surprised with the results.

He had lost around a little over 2 kilograms by the end of this time period. We noticed that he was being able to work out for a tad bit longer than what he had previously been capable of. Although it wasn’t much, it still gave him immense hope.

But, he did feel a lot more active than before, and he felt positive about the changes that the supplement was helping him with.

And lastly, his sexual performance did improve quite a bit, with his erections lasting a tad bit longer than before. This was precisely what compelled us to write a review on this!

It does work! And one of the things it does is take care of your overall health rather than just a part of it.     


According to the directions on the pill bottle, you’re supposed to take 4 capsules daily. It’s preferred that you take one with each meal and the last one just before going to bed. You will get a total of 120 pills in the bottle that should last you ideally for a single month in dosage.

Side Effects

TestoGen is not a steroid, and this is why it won’t give you any of the common steroid side-effects for that matter. The TestoGen formula is created using natural ingredients, which makes it safe for consumption.

Josh didn’t have any side-effects from the formula. Also, there has been no case of side-effects sustained from this product reported or registered anywhere for that matter.

However, it is always a good idea to consult a physician before starting with this supplement.

Do not consume the product if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients contained in it. Discontinue using it right away if you find that you are having any kind of side-effect from this composition and consult a physician immediately.

This supplement is not meant for use by anyone below the age of 20 or for women.

What could have been better?

Even though the TestoGen formula consists of natural ingredients and is quite a potent blend, you do have to take 4 capsules of it daily. This, in our opinion, is a bit too much to be taken in a day and increase the chances of you missing out on a dose or two if you’re absent-minded or forgetful.

And, even after that many capsules consumed in a single day, the product still takes a considerable amount of time to show even the initial effects.

Buyer’s Guide – Factors To Consider Before Buying Testogen

Prevention is always better than cure, so it’s sensible to be aware of the factors to cross-check before purchasing products that directly address your physical well-being. On that note, here are the key features that you should be checking before buying Testogen.

  1. Eligibility

It has nothing to do with the product, but your body’s needs. As evident, make sure that you need it before you buy it. Is your condition really so severe? If not, then it’s always smart to avoid consuming pills that skyrocket your T-levels. You need to consult with a physician and buy it only if it’s absolutely necessary.

  1. Expiration Date

Even though the brand claims that Testogen comes with zero side effects, you can never outrun the negative consequences of expired medicines. That said, it’s important to double-check the expiry date of the package before purchasing. Who knows how it may affect your body?

Here’s a pro tip – even if it’s not expired, a package that is very close to expiration is not worth your money either. Dodging that bullet is priority numero uno, so you should always consume recently packaged tablets.

  1. Quantity

If you’ve read the article carefully enough, you’d know that the ideal dosage of Testogen is four tablets per day. Best believe that a single pack isn’t going to last very long, so it’s always smart to estimate the exact amount required as per your course and purchase accordingly at once.

  1. Packaging

Last but not least, you shouldn’t accept any product if its packaging seems to be tampered. Make sure that you’re receiving a sealed package with an uncompromised quantity of tablets. Also, ensure that it is the original stuff and not a counterfeit to avoid negative side-effects.


Curiosity may kill the cat, but it’ll surely prevent the cock from an irreversible damage. That said, here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions on the web about Testogen.

Who is Testogen suitable for?

If you’re under 18, then it’s not safe to use this product; just let your body work its magic for now. However, if you’re an adult who’s facing a severe lack of testosterone, then it’s the best companion you should rely on. If you’re a bodybuilding enthusiast looking for a 100% natural way to build muscle mass, then it’s an appropriate supplement too.

How long does it take to show results?

Patience is key, pals. Anything that is entirely natural and doesn’t have adverse side effects wouldn’t show drastic results overnight. However, the brand claims that you’ll be able to observe results within the first six weeks of use. Nevertheless, the main thing to acknowledge here is that the time taken to show results depends on the severity of your condition.

Does Testogen contain any banned substances?

Being a prevalent issue among testosterone boosters, no wonder people would have similar doubts about Testogen. However, be assured that it’s made of natural components, none of which are banned per se.

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So, I would duly want to conclude by saying that I am really grateful to TestoGen for fetching me some real good results and to Jack, who suggested it to me in the first place!

This supplement works, even though it takes its own sweet time to do so. You just have to have the patience for it.

I hope this review was useful to all those who had been looking to know more about this product. And I wish you a healthy life ahead!

10 thoughts on “Testogen Review: Josh’s True Experience”

  1. Testogen really works, i have always had less libido and desire to work hard at gym, but after seeing my body respond to exercises i always wait for going to gym the next day, tomorrow is legs for me 😀

  2. How many months did it take to show effects?

  3. I am 44 years old after using Testogen i feel like in 30’s 🙂

  4. I have used Testogen for a month now, i had ordered it for 3 months as you get freebies and man i am so happy now, Testogen really works. it has changed my life and it helps me in focus also. i have never experienced these stuffs after entering 40’s.

  5. Your supposed to use any t booster fir four weeks and then four weeks off

  6. Does it cause hair loss?

  7. My hairs much thinner, been using it a month, guess that’s what having more testosterone does to a man in 40s. I feel better overall though.

  8. Does it has any side effect on Kidney, I have kidney problem(Kidney stone) Can I use it?

    1. Please consult your doctor before considering any diet changes.

  9. Directions say 4 pills before breakfast. Not 4 pills per day.

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