Text Chemistry By Amy North | An Honest Review

Isn’t it weird how, when it comes to dating, we fall face-first on our cellphones to do more than half the job for us?

Well, in today’s times, exciting meetings and encounters could only be said to be successful if, by the end of the day, you have the cellular digits of your date and your phone vibrating with their texts to match the rhythm of your heart!

Texting is the primary way to connect with people in today’s digitized times that not only literally puts your feelings to words but also plays it really safe and cool, saving you the embarrassment of shy confessions.

However, there’s one catch to it all. The “chemistry” in the text that gets conversations flowing!

And if you have that wrong, then you may never find the solutions.

Thinking of getting your lessons on that right? Then you might wanna stick out for this one.

This one is our newest  review of the Text Chemistry, an online dating program by famous relationship coach, Amy North, that claims to have it all when it comes to texting!

Text Chemistry Review: An Insight

Text Chemistry is an online dating guide created by Amy North that focuses on the basics of texting while getting to know someone and the way to progress from that point onwards. 

It mainly enables you to create engaging communication with your date through texts that help to pique their interest in you.

The book is based on Amy North’s learning and understanding about the dynamics of a romantic relationship between couples. Especially in the early phases of dating and the immense role that communication plays in it.

Interestingly, it also studies the way communication is initially formed and how it changes throughout the course of relationships that eventually decides the fate of it.

Text Chemistry is targeted for women and teaches them how to use a simple text message to make men get really interested in them.

About the author

Amy North is a professional relationship counselor from Vancouver, Canada. She is a best-selling author and celebrated for her YouTube channel that sees her providing her viewers with exciting tips and advice on dating.

Her field of specialization deals with helping women from all around the world to find the man of their dreams.

Amy North has spent a substantial period of time researching the nature and fundamental aspects of attraction and relationships, eventually forming this online dating program as the final result of the findings.

What interested us about Text Chemistry?

Here’s our dearest friend and HR of the firm, Christopher who’s been going through some rough time, who came across Amy North, one fine day and things turned to a different direction altogether. It’s better you hear the rest of the story in Christopher’s words itself (personal touch, you know *wink*).

“The fact about my dating life is that at one time, it had been down in the ruts.

And when you’re around 28 and single for a long time, man, life seems to suck hard and cold.

It was actually around that time that I started looking for dating tips and advice online and mostly on YouTube.

Amy North had been one of my favorites since then”, says Christopher. 

It was soon after this that Christopher came to us with his newest discovery-this dating treatise by Amy North, his “love guru”.

Christopher-” When Text Chemistry came around, I had all the reasons to find out more about it, as I was looking to get into the dating scene after a bad breakup at the time.

What had primarily gotten me interested in the first place was that although it was made primarily for women. It did have some really hard-hitting and interesting points which both genders could learn from.

At this point in time, I was a complete dunce in understanding women and, not to mention, a bit of a jerk to when it came to setting priorities in a relationship.

I was keen to know about the ways attraction is formed and maintained in a relationship. And since dating was the trickiest code for me to crack back then, Text Chemistry really seemed to be something that I could use to know more about how girls thought and behaved while dating.”

How does it claim to work?

The online program of Text Chemistry uses the idea of a “magic text” that claims to get any man psychologically triggered and addicted to texting you back and continuing the conversation.

The program consists of a bunch of text messages that are specifically worded to act as responses for the kind of things a man generally talks about in the initial stages of dating.

Also, the texts are designed to act as great conversation starters that a woman could send to any man to get the interaction to run smoothly: better yet, leaving him asking for more.

The program claims to successfully elicit a reaction from even the most seemingly distant or cold person.

Text Chemistry focuses on capturing a man’s complete attention in the most appealing way by using his “psychological triggers.” This has been termed as the “Attention Hook” that grabs and pulls his attention towards you.

The foundation of the entire program

The entire program is based on the detailed psychological findings and analysis carried out by the author in her years of study.

The findings concentrate on the presumption that more or less all men may share the same core psychological triggers that can be hit upon with these texts.

These texts guarantee a response right away. It also gives you an overview of how exactly to use these texts in any type of situation or circumstance that may arise in your relationship. Such as if the guy you like gets cold or starts pulling away from you or even breaks up with you. It could help if you meet a new guy and want to make him obsess over you.  

The program actually provides you situation-appropriate texts which make a man give you some serious thoughts, be excited to communicate with you, care about you, and yearn for more.

The program also highlights the basics of the science that create the initial feelings of love and attraction in the people’s and what kind of conversations play an intrinsic part in it.

What are all included?

Now, the fact that we are a team of both men and women makes the entire program of Text Chemistry a pretty amusing and chilling treat for all of us (a treat indeed, with hours and hours of discussion). Not did this initially make us question the authenticity of such findings, but it also got us really excited to see actual results provided by the thing.

The program contains the Main Book and 13 Videos. Apart from that, you also get three bonus ebooks from Amy North, free of cost. These are:

  • The “Phone Game” Ebook
  • The “Why Men Leave” Ebook, and,
  • The “Quality Men on Tinder” Ebook

And for all of you are interested in a quick preview of what you’ll get in the program, here is a fair share of the deets!

  1. “Do men ignore your messages.”

Amy North gets you an effective technique of making your man text you back right away and consistently. Especially when you get the feeling that he may be ignoring you or has rejected you altogether.

  1. “E-Glow Text.”

It teaches you the way to “hardwire” your man’s brains to love and adore you no matter how difficult things might get while texting. Once you hit send on these texts, he’s gonna be triggered into thinking about you a lot!

  1. “Get Your Ex Back.”

This one’s for situations when your ex had made it clear that it’s already over. If you still want to get him back, you’re recommended by Amy North to use this “satellite text,” which can not only make him regret breaking up with you instantly but also fight for a second chance to be with you. 

  1. “Your relationship has become stale and boring.”

This one teaches you the art of being able to get him in a state of nervous excitement, which he had experienced when you met each other for the first time. It gives you several practical tips and advice to reignite the spark in a dying relationship.

  1. “Make him passionate about you.”

With this, you can learn how to fill up his mind with thoughts of you all the time, making him crave for your touch and remain hung up on your words.

  1. “Simple Cheat Sheet”

This one’s really a big deal as it helps you analyze and decode his texts so that you can correctly figure out your guy’s true feelings and what his words really mean.

Since text messages can be really misleading at times, this section can give some really effective tips to get the guy.

  1. “Getting him to propose.”

This section of the guide actually deals with subliminal messages, which can make your partner think about settling down in a committed relationship with you. You can capitalize on its full potential if you’re trying to get your partner to propose to you.

  1. “Make him miss you.”

This will help you improve your texting skills and be able to make yearn for and miss you enough to count the days down to your next meeting.

  1. “Taking the right picture.”

Wanna send the perfect picture to your partner? You might wanna check this section out that will teach you how to be expressive with silly and cute little pictures that can actually do way more than naked ones.

  1. “Bang his head!?”

You read that, right! This sweet little sub-section right here will teach you how to bang his head with just the text that will not easily forget! Make him come up with silly excuses so that he yearns to see more of you in every way!

  1. “How to talk to him on the phone?”

We have all had jitters when we had to talk to our crush or date for the very first time over the phone. Calling is just as difficult as answering in these situations. But, this section claims to help you cast all awkwardness aside and talk with sexy confidence when you talk to your man over the phone.

  1. “Shooting for the stars.” 

This conclusive segment will help you figure out the way in which you could make him focus just on you. Get his undivided and unwavering attention by putting this one to good use!

What’s our opinion of it?

After a skin deep following and an eye-witnessing experience by Christopher, one thing we can tell about this program is that it definitely hits close enough to home. Some of the theories that it does bring up matches with the thought processes of men, which increases the chances of being successful in the endeavor significantly.

The ideas of baiting or hooking a male’s attention by targeting psychological triggers may help to explain a few valid points. But, at the same time, one can’t negate the fact that the cases can all be subjective if you really think about it and will differ substantially in results and effects from one another.

However, one of the things that this program can really help with is removing one’s insecurities about themselves. It can’t be denied that it does have an empowering effect on women that allows them to be their most confident selves while getting into the dating scenes.

And also, we really liked the 60 days money-back policy that the program offers for all unsatisfied customers. That’s a huge pro of the entire thing, building up a relationship of trust between the endorser and the customers!

What could have been better? 

One of the legit problems with this program is that it can look like a manipulative technique. Nobody likes to be caught up in mind-games, tricks, or “toying,” so it may not be well-received by a number of people for that matter. They may take offense in the mechanism of the entire thing.

Also, it goes without saying that the program may not be 100% successful for everyone, and the results will differ substantially from one case to another. That’s just a hard fact.

And lastly, it is an entirely digital product that is available for online purchase only. You won’t be able to get this without access to the internet and does come with a price.


Is Text Chemistry For Women Only?

Not at all! Although Text Chemistry is a relationship manual targeting women, there’s enough information to help both genders in their relationship woes. The author delves into the psychological processes that men experience while dating, and how texting can be used to attract them. This is bound to be an exciting read for men as well as women.

Does The Program Work?

Based on reader reviews and our analysis, we must say that Text Chemistry works pretty well. Women around the world have benefitted from the concepts in this book, and swear by it. However, it must be remembered that every person is different, and results might vary subjectively.

Is Texting Enough To Keep A Relationship Alive?

Texting is one of the best ways to strike up a new relationship or rekindle an old one. While face-to-face conversations might leave many at a loss for words, texting can allow a couple to connect and share the right thoughts effectively.

Is Text Chemistry Available In My Neighborhood Bookstore?

Text Chemistry is an eBook that must be experienced on a digital device.

Until Next Time TADA, Oh wait don’t forget to check our recent reviews.

  • User Friendly
  • Author Experience
  • Price


All of these texts, videos, and ebooks from Text Chemistry are designed to keep the dating scenario really fun, simple, and comfortable for the readers so that they can proceed with confidence.

And like they all say: “a confident woman is the sexiest of all!”

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