Our skin is one of the top priorities of our lives, isn’t it? It’s hard to believe if someone says they don’t care about how their skin is, unless of course, they have the perfect skin. Well, for most of us, it’s no less than a euphoric dream to have a trouble-free skin. It’s a matter of every day that we have one or more problems coming up with our face or body that makes us go crazy, especially, if you are a woman. Not that men aren’t bothered, it’s just that, well, it doesn’t matter that much. Yes, yes it’s a woman’s perspective that you hear in this article. And I think my team would second me on this little judgement of mine.

Getting back, when it’s about skin, sunscreen is one of the most significant things. Wearing sunscreen is among the healthiest habits. It protects you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Wearing a sunscreen you are literally saving your skin from getting burned, wrinkled or even from cancer as per U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) recommends purchasing a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum, water-resistant as well as with an SPF of 30 or more.

But even if you purchase the right sunscreen, you aren’t quite there rescuing your skin completely. Below are some of the most basic sunscreen mistakes that we all have been making, which is going to cost a fortune for us in the future if not rectified right now.

1. Oops, it is too late! – Not saving enough time for applying sunscreen

Why do we have to wait till we are ankle-deep in the sand until we remember that we had to apply sunscreen?

Does it happen to you too?

Pretty often we don’t really bother saving some time before stepping out to apply sunscreen skillfully. We tend to forget that it isn’t just about having a sunscreen or applying it haphazardly; you literally need to keep some time in hand and apply sunscreen with precision, not missing any spot before you rush out to do your daily chores. Sun rays are really powerful, and before you know their harmful effects are already getting absorbed in your skin. If you don’t want to age before your time, make sure that you are saving some time from your schedule and applying sunscreen carefully and regularly (even if you aren’t going out).

2. Why being so stingy? – Not applying enough

We know that sunscreen comes a little on the upper side of our budget, but well, what’s wrong in sparing some money for a healthy looking skin?

Most of us apply too little sunscreen and wish to get the advertised results. Well, that’s not possible. However much it may bother you, the required amount is necessary to be applied in order to actually save your skin from the sun. A pea-sized amount for the whole body won’t do.

As a matter of fact, AAD says that at least 1 ounce of sunscreen for the whole body is required on a beach day, out of which a nickel-size amount is for the face.

So, tomorrow morning, make sure you are generous while you are applying your sunscreen.

3. That area is kinda important! – Skipping important areas

It is important for us to apply sunscreen to all the parts of our body that are exposed to the sun. Most of us miss a spot or two and don’t even know that we are missing out on something really important. Studies say that most people tend to miss the eyelids while applying sunscreen; while actually, the eyelids are one of the most popular parts to be affected by skin cancer. Another important area is our lips. Lips don’t have enough melanin (a protective element that is responsible for the colouring of our hair, skin and eyes), and are most susceptible to get damaged by sun-rays.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, you must always wear a lip balm or lipstick with SPF 15 or more while you are exposed to the sun.  While they discard the use of lip-gloss without any coverage, as the more hydrated the lips are, the easier it is for the sunrays penetrate into the unprotected skin. Some other areas that are deliberately or unknowingly missed are the chest, top of the feet, the tip of the ears, back of knees and some more.

4. You did it again! – Not bothering to reapply the sunscreen

Not all of us reapply our sunscreens as often as it is recommended. This leaves out skin exposed unprotected before the harmful rays of the sun. Sunscreen is no magic portion whose effect is going to last forever. You have to keep applying it as frequently as possible, at regular intervals. If you ask us, just consider the golden rule- ‘apply sunscreen every 2-hours.

Shorten the duration if you perspire more or going to be in the water’. Even the sunscreens that call themselves ‘water-resistant’ can hold their effect only till 80 minutes after they are applied. Ensuring reapplication keeps you safe from the sun, literally.

5. The sun’s not out! – Forgoing applying sunscreen on a cloudy day

Most of us think that we need SPF only when we are exposed to the sun directly. This is stupid! You must know that even if it’s cloudy outside, or you are sitting inside your room near a window, 80% of the UV rays are still hitting your skin. You need to apply sunscreen every single day, whether or not you are at the beach. It’s even better if you make it a habit, just like other skincare essentials that you do every day.

Place your sunscreen right next to your toothpaste!


Sunscreen is as important as the vitamins and minerals that doctors prescribe you to add to your daily routine. Most of the people discard it thinking that sunscreen is just another chemical-cosmetic which is going to damage their skin, but, on the contrary, not applying sunscreen while getting exposed to the sun is potentially dangerous for the skin. Also, even if you have sunscreen, apply it regularly, but are hesitant to throw away the expired product thinking that it still has a large amount left in the bottle, you are damaging your skin. Any product beyond its expiration date is simply useless!

On this note, we’ll sign off.

We’ll meet you again with another interesting article about dating, beauty, health, spirituality and more!

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