“Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul;

Man cannot live in health without them.”

Like any other thing, spiritual health is also one of the most important things in life. It contributes a lot to a holistic health philosophy. It is the amalgamation of physical, mental and spiritual health together that makes a whole human being. Vitality and health in a human being requires the incorporation of spiritualism to make the person complete. We should have some values in our life that we must strive to achieve. If not values, human life is nothing at all. What tells about a person’s spirituality is how he/she treats others when no one is there to judge. It is based on the belief that even if no one is around, there always lies a supernatural presence, a God or almighty who supervises humankind. Whatever we do, good or bad comes back to us in some form or the other.

It is the spirituality in us that is reflected in our attitude towards us, our family, friends and people in general. People with deprivation of a spiritual life tend to be more anxious, stressed, afraid and depressed. Spirituality is like invisible armor that protects a person from falling into the trap of all of these. It’s a progressive time, but the ailment that we suffer from today is way more than what our forefathers had to go through. And it’s not just about the physical illness; it’s about complete well-being. If we wish to live a life of opportunities that’s filled with happiness, we need to look even more carefully into our physical, mental and spiritual well-being (or, health).

When you think about spiritual health, what comes to your mind? Or, who do you think is the person in your life with totally sound spiritual health? Well, for me, it’s more or less about how satisfied I go to bed every morning and how excited I wake up in the morning, all set to fulfil my dreams. For Bob (my co-writer), spiritual health is about surrendering to that spiritual power who guides us through the lanes of our lives. For somebody else, it might be something else. Everyone has their own little definition of spiritual health, and it’s totally fair until you yourself confer to it.

The Importance Of Spiritual Health

Spirituality is obviously concerning our spirits. But to think of it, spirituality is well beyond the physical being that we are, and the essential physical acts that we do. Spirituality is about our connection with us, and that higher being which is above and beyond space and time. It is a total contrast to the worldly, the physical and material. I may be a special consciousness, a connection to the metaphysical reality like an experience of spiritual awe. But, we don’t mean to say that religion and spirituality are the same things. They may have similar roots or co-incidentally matching features, but there’s a diversion that makes religion and spirituality into two different roads.

Some may find spirituality in God, some in music, others in their job. Whatever that may be which makes you feel spiritually complete, there’s nothing more important than staying loyal to that. This spirituality of ours speaks for our values. It makes us who we are. As different spirits, we ought to have different spiritualities. Genius is to know and confer to it.

How Is Spirituality Related To Health?

You must have heard of the old saying, ‘a healthy mind stays in a healthy body’. Well, it goes both ways. Nobody knows exactly how spirituality is related to health, but we may draw some hints from the fact that the better we feel emotionally, the better our body functions. Our emotions, our thoughts are the bricks to the wall of our spirituality.

Also, you can draw some pieces of evidence from yoga. You must have practised yoga once in a lifetime, or at least have seen someone do it. When you hear a yoga guru, you’ll never see them saying much about being physically fit. What they target is a person’s spiritual as well as overall well-being. The term ‘yoga’ means ‘union’. This means that by performing yoga, we are aiming at bringing our body and mind to a unison. So, if a person is spiritually healthy, it somehow indicates his physical well-being as well and vice versa.

How To Improve One’s Spiritual Health?

Making oneself healthier spiritually has a lot of options to follow. But, you must know that not everything is for everyone. As we are completely unique and different spirits, our spiritual health requires different kinds of training. You can, although, try a few of these to make yourself spiritually-healthy.

  1. Identify the things in your life that provides you with peace, love, gratitude and completeness. If it’s music, perform it regularly. If it’s art, make sure you make enough time for it. If it’s religion, surrender completely to it.
  2. Set a time every week to do some volunteer work or some social service. Feed the poor, teach something to someone for free, make someone laugh; console someone when they’re sad. Do anything that makes you a better human being.
  3. Try and make some time for some yoga, meditation or some other exercises. Concentrate on it completely and perform every activity honestly.
  4. Maintain a gratitude journal. It will bring a smile to your face.
  5. Make some ‘me time’ amidst your hectic schedule and do something that you love.
  6. Sit more often with your parents and loved ones and discuss your life with them, share thoughts and be there for each other.

A Few Last Words

Spirituality is nothing beyond us. It lies in us. It is our spirituality that makes us a better person. The sound we are spiritually, the better we perform in our daily lives. So, the next time you think about your physical wellbeing, keep it in mind that your spirit is a part of that.




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