Tips To Calm Your Mind

So many thoughts ushering in the mind? So many questions appearing? A lot of task to do ahead? College assignments, workload and life not moving on a proper pace leaves your mind full of thoughts and anxiety. Cheerfulness is completely drained out of you and everything around you feels dull and sad, adding up more to the mental stress.

As long as your mind is not at peace and you cannot get over anxiety, you cannot go through the day happily and healthily. In order to live your life to the fullest, have fun at college along with your assignments, and stay concentrated and devoted to your work, you need to calm your mind first.

Following tips are going to help you calm your mind in a few minutes and prove beneficial in the long run:

Take slow and healthy breaths:

When you feel stressed or overworked at any time of the day, slow breathing can help. Take in a slow breath for five seconds, hold your breath for three seconds and then exhale for five seconds to freshen you mind. Repeat for another time and that’s it. Now you’re ready to work and relax at the same time.

Eat your favorite food:

Food is THE BEST remedy. Whether you are a food lover or not, taking in some good food when not feeling good helps a lot. Eat as much as it takes to energize and feel happier. There is so much good food that will instantly better your mood and mind. You can eat something that is your all-time favorite or you can take help from the following list of effective food:

  • Green/Herbal Tea: It is a great source of relieving anger and a soothing sip will calm your mind instantly.
  • Chocolates: Yes! Eat a lot of them to be happy. Chocolates are the second name of happiness and even 1.4 ounces (a small square) of this happiness can calm your nerves.
  • Honey: Another sweetness that reduces anxiety and depression. As it is a natural skin moisturizer and antibiotic, it relieves your mind in a minute.
  • Crunchy snacks: We have another choice if you are not a sugar-lover. Munching on some crunchy salty snacks can prove to be another anxiety-fighter.
  • Bubble gum: Another favorite of almost everyone, bubble gum, of your favorite flavor is a great way to beat stress. Chew one to feel better.

These are some top-of-the-list foods which are going to calm your mind and let you feel healthy. However, the list doesn’t end here. Biting into a mango or any citrus fruit, a cup of coffee, a candy bar or your favorite food, be it junk or home-made can be of great help too.

Eat, live and be happy!

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Lay your head down:

Having a small nap can help reduce the stress. Anyhow, if you do not have a bed and a pillow available or while you are at work, find a cushion nearby to lay your head on it for a few minutes. If that is not possible either, just lay your head down and visualize a pillow or a cushion taking away all your extra thoughts and anxiety.

Find some time for yourself:

Although it helps a lot, you do not necessarily need to add meditation in your routine on daily basis. Going to the fields or mountains is not something that is possible with a daily busy routine. But, you surely deserve some time alone and be happy in your own space.

What can help is just spending a few minutes for yourself. In those minutes, find a quiet place, relax, breathe in, and concentrate! Those anxieties will start leaving your mind, thoughts will get in control, leaving you at peace.

Also, setting up a chair in some sunlight or in front of some natural view at day or night and spending some alone-time there can be equally helpful.

Take little breaks:

The work can be better done when your mind is relaxed. There is no need to just work, work, work and ending up stressed and tired.

According to a mental health research, you can do something more effectively when your mind is healthy and the thoughts are balanced. And what makes this happen are the little breaks while you work. After working for about 35-40 minutes, take a 3-4 minutes break and spend that time relaxing and bringing your mind back to its real potential.

Use this technique to calm your mind when you start feeling worked up.

Think what makes you happy:

Think of what makes you happy and daydream it. Visualize going on a trip with your favorite person, eating food in your favorite cafe, driving in the woods, stargazing at night or anything that makes you happy.

Thinking about your favorite and happy stuff boosts your mood in an instant on hectic days.

Give yourself a little Massage:

Massaging relieves your mind and body. Massage the point at the center of your hand or the corner of your eyes for a few minutes. These are really helpful when you have been using your mind or hands a lot and then feel stressed or if something bad just came up in your mind.

Same can be done to your shoulders and neck. A little pressure applied with your thumbs helps getting a calmer mind.  Also, feet can be a given a little massage by rubbing them back and forth on a carpet or a ball.

Take a bath:

Water helps A LOT! Get a hot water bath to reduce the stress and calm your mind. Running hot water is a great remedy for a tired body. Once your body is relaxed, the mind automatically gets calm.

If you are not a hot-water bath lover, dripping cold water on your wrists and behind your earlobes are an effective meditation. Your major arteries are present in these areas and cooling these areas relieve a lot of anxiety and stress.

Do a physical activity:

Doing a physical activity when feeling tired or when having some not-wanted thoughts, can be of great benefit. Stretch your body to instantly feel relaxed. Remember that the body and mind work simultaneously. When one is relaxed, the other becomes calm.

Take a quick walk around the place or do some jumping to relax your mind. Even if it is not possible to run away from the stress immediately, walking out from it slowly can surely happen.

Pen down your thoughts:

Take a piece of paper and pen down everything that is coming up in your mind. Write, draw or mark uneven lines or shapes to let go of the thoughts appearing in your mind. Taking it out makes you feel calm rather than just repressing it within yourself.

Now, apart from these instant tips to calm your mind, there are many time-taking techniques that will help you have a calmer mind in all the coming days of your life. Following are some of them:

Have a good sleeping routine:

Do not stay up late! This is the most important thing to include in your routine. It is better to get up early and do your work rather than staying up late and stressing your mind. Make “sleep early, get up early” your life mantra.

When your body is all tired up during the day, it cannot possibly function all night. Therefore, it is better to schedule your tasks in a way that you do them early in the morning followed up by rest of the day tasks. So, set up a good sleeping routine to have a calm mind.

Practice positivity:

Positivity is another name for calmness. It is the most important tool to stay happy despite of knowing the bitter realities of life. Positivity helps you to set, align and achieve your goals without stressing up. As soon as you start practicing positivity, there will be no room for stress, depression, anxiety and overthinking in your life. And so, your mind will stay calm and positive.

Another important thing is to replace negative vocabulary with a positive one. Omit the words like tension, depression and stress from your life. What is tension? Have you ever seen it? No, you haven’t. It doesn’t exist unless you give birth to it as per your own choice. Stay positive to stay calm.

Learn to let go:

Another of the significant but slow process is to learn the art of letting go. Let go of the things that make you tense and stressed. Focus on the life ahead. There are so many opportunities out there waiting for you. Your mind is young, your body is healthy, don’t let it grow old before time.

Keep your mind calm. Learn to move forward. Let go the things that do not help and benefit. Get rid of anything that happened long ago. Focus on your present, holding onto past is no more helping. You won’t get this time back. You are unique and you deserve the best. There’s no other you. So, do not waste your life caught in sadness and depression. Pave your own way to a calmer mind and a happier life.

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All of these tips have helped us have a calm mind and a balanced life. We really hope they do the same to you. Stay blessed!

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